RM400,000 Allocation for eSports in 2019 by Selangor State Government


RM400,000 Allocation for eSports in 2019 by Selangor State Government

Recently, Malaysians got to know that the government will be allocating RM10 million towards the growth of eSports. Now, we have received more word  on fostering eSports growth locally, this time by the Selangor state government.

According to Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari during the tabling of the 2019 state budget, the Selangor state government will be allocating RM400,000 from their RM2.56 billion budget for eSports in 2019.

It also appears that Selangor will be looking to obtain RM1 million from the federal government in hopes of pushing development of eSports into the regional level.

As for how exactly the money will be spent towards growing eSports here in 2019, we do not have the specifics just yet. With that being said however, the Selangor Cyber Games will definitely play a big role in their plans for 2019 as it was specifically mention during the tabling.

For now, Malaysia will have quite a healthy budget for eSports, with the allocation from the government as well as the likes of Min-Liang Tan doing the same as well for Malaysia. With the Selangor state government wanting to play a more active role, we should be able to expect some big things come 2019.

Source: Selangorkini

Pokdepinion: Personally, I would like to see how this money is being spent first before being sold on the idea. There’s a huge cleanup needed in eSports locally, but KL Major definitely showed that we have the potential of being a major player in this area.