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Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode to Be Extremely Difficult

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode to Be Extremely Difficult

by Aiman MaulanaApril 15, 2019
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode to Be Extremely Difficult

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Earlier this year, we finally saw the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. While there was a mixture of reactions on the game and its convoluted storyline, we can safely say that many people had some fun with the game. However, there were many who deemed the game to be easy to play. That may soon change with the addition of Critical Mode.

During an interview with Gamereactor, co-director Tai Yasue revealed some more insight into what the team is working on, including the aforementioned Critical Mode.

We wanted to do it the right way. It’s not just superficial, like just increasing enemy HP bars. We added new abilities for Critical Mode.

The current available difficulty modes in Kingdom Hearts 3 lets the players choose how they wanted to play, from casting spells to button-mashing your enemies into oblivion, with few reasons to consider what the situation called for. But, with this new mode, you won’t be able to go into battle any way you like. Critical Mode will have players thinking strategically about how they want to approach battles, before jumping in.

One possibility is having a heavier focus on the cooking system. As you may know, cooking food for Sora and the crew will improve their stats and thus, make them more formidable in combat. Depending on the food you cook, you can see boosts in HP, strength, magic, and more. Unfortunately, there was no news on when we can expect the Critical Mode update to roll out.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamereactor

Pokdepinion: Not gonna lie, Proud Mode felt kind of like a cakewalk so I’m very tempted to give Critical Mode a try.

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