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[SPOILER] Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Thoughts and Explanations – What Can We Expect Next?

[SPOILER] Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Thoughts and Explanations – What Can We Expect Next?

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 26, 2019
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[SPOILER] Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Thoughts and Explanations

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Surfaced

With Kingdom Hearts 3 now out for a good amount of time, we felt like it’s a good time to discuss about the secret ending / epilogue sequence. If you’re not sure how to get it, there’s a requirement on Lucky Emblems being collected, in which the amount differs based on the chosen difficulty in Kingdom Hearts 3. If you’re not sure, click right here to find out.

To avoid spoiling it in vivid detail for some of you who have not played it yet, we will not be including the video in this post. There will be spoilers from this point onwards.

The sequence shows both Sora and Riku in a large city. While it seems like they may be waking up in the same world, it slowly turns out that it’s two different places completely. Sora is in Shibuya while Riku is in the world Verum Rex takes place in.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Verum Rex is that game in the Toy Story world where Rex the dinosaur is a big fan of. He also mistook Sora for “Yozora”, the protagonist of Verum Rex. The game seems to have many similarities with Final Fantasy XV, or more so Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The protagonist looks and wields weapons similar to Noctis Lucis Caelum, and there exists characters that look like Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto, Ardyn, and Lunafreya. The glasses character actually looks like a mix of Ignis and Gladiolus if you ask me.

Back to the secret ending / epilogue sequence, we then get to see two interesting things. One is Yozora himself presumably looking at Riku from atop a large building, and the other is a hooded figure (Organization XIII hoodies) putting his hands out to the moon and making a heart shape. It then ends with a message which says “Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts”.

[SPOILER] Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Opinions

Many have mistook Yozora for Riku in this part due to the hairstyle. However, you can tell immediately that it’s Yozora and not Riku by the colour of his eyes. As to why Yozora is looking at Riku or why he even exists is unknown at the moment. One popular theory is that Tetsuya Nomura wants to bring his ideas from Final Fantasy Versus XIII into reality in the form of Verum Rex.

Interestingly, Yozora shares more similarities with Noctis than you might think. The word “Yozora” means night sky in Japanese, which is the same for Noctis Caelum in Latin. Not to mention, the world of Verum Rex as well as the background music used in the part where Yozora appears are very similar to what you can find in Final Fantasy XV. If the theory is true, it would mean that this would be an integral part of Kingdom Hearts 4.

Moving back to Sora being in Shibuya, not much is known as to why he is here. The reason for this is because we are unsure if Sora sacrificed himself using the “power of waking” and him being in Shibuya is the “severe consequence” for abusing it. It seems like he actually died just because of the actual ending sequence where he seemed to disappear in similar fashion to major characters in Avengers: Infinity War. There is also a chance that he never died but he simply went away to find Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending Thoughts and Explanations

Either way, it is very interesting for him to end up in Shibuya as this is where The World Ends With You takes place. Characters from The World Ends With You have appeared in the series before, in Dream Drop Distance to be precise. Neku did tell Sora “See you in Shibuya”, which makes things even more interesting. One possibility of Sora being in Shibuya is that he did actually die but ended up participating in the Reapers’ Game, where only the deceased are allowed to participate albeit at the cost of something they hold dearly in life. The reason I feel this way is solely because Sora woke up in Shibuya similarly to how Neku woke up and finds himself at the Scramble Crossing.

As for the hooded figure, it’s hard to say for sure. There are a number of possibilities as to who this person could be. It could be Luxu, which we discover from the game is actually Xigbar / Braig, and it could also be Ava, the only missing Foreteller at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. Regardless, there is very little information to truly know who this person is which makes it tough to speculate. My gut feeling tells me that it will be related to the Foretellers one way or another.

Speaking of the Foretellers, at one point in the game, we had Larxene, Marluxia, Demyx, and Luxord appear before Xemnas in a cutscene. The four individuals were brought back to Organization XIII due to an “ancient Keyblade legacy that slumbers within you”. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts Union χ, then I’m sure you’re aware that Larxene and Marluxia’s human selves, Elrena and Lauriam, are Keyblade wielders. Elrena belonged to the Unicornis Union while Lauriam is with the Dandelions.

While we do not know who Demyx and Luxord were in the past, we can safely assume that it will be around the same timeline with the other two. What will be hard to assume is whether they are also Keyblade wielders or not. Either way, we are definitely gonna go full swing on the Foretellers’ storyline.

Do not take any of these as facts as these are simply my opinion on the matter based on what I know so far from Kingdom Hearts 3. If there’s more that you feel that I should take note of and if there’s any oversight on my end, do leave it in the comments below. I’d be more than happy to discuss this with all of you.

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