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Persona 5 The Royal Officially Announced – Featuring A Female Protagonist

Persona 5 The Royal Officially Announced – Featuring A Female Protagonist

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 25, 2019
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Persona 5 The Royal Officially Announced

Previously, we knew that a major news related to Persona 5 R will be coming in late March 2019 but now, we know exactly what it’s about. It is the unveiling of Persona 5 The Royal for the PlayStation 4.

It is said to be an enhanced port of the original game and the only information we have right is that it will feature a selectable female protagonist. You can check that out on the trailer at the top of this post.

I’m about pretty sure there will be additional new elements in the game, like new story bits among many other things in the game. However, there really is not much information about the game available at the moment.

However, we do know when we can expect more details on Persona 5 The Royal. We expect a bunch of details on the game to pop up during the next Persona 5 concert which will be happening on 24th April 2019.

Pokdepinion: The game is already fun to begin with, and it is quite lengthy as I’m a bit of a perfectionist with RPGs. Now I’m trying to see if it’s worth playing through again so soon.

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