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PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Finally Getting New Game Plus

PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Finally Getting New Game Plus

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 18, 2018
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PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Finally Getting New Game Plus

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As many of us may know by now, The Heist DLC pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man will be coming soon but aside from that, there will be a new update coming for the game very soon.

Insomniac Games has revealed details on Update 1.07 for the game, which has already started rolling out today, and it will be coming with a New Game Plus mode. Previously, we knew about New Game Plus coming but there were no specifics given as to when it will be coming.

Along with letting you replay Marvel’s Spider-Man once again with all of your unlockables and skills carrying over, Insomniac also stated that this new patch will add two new trophies and a new difficulty mode. The new trophies will be associated with both completing a run of New Game Plus as well as beating the game on the new Ultimate difficulty.

As for other notable new additions, stickers will now be able to be rotated in Photo Mode along with a few other various bug fixes. If you’ve been looking for a reason to keep playing the game, this might just be the one.

If you have not played Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 and are still considering to get a copy for yourself, check out or review by clicking right here. Spoiler alert, it is definitely worth playing.

Pokdepinion: I had so much fun playing the game but once I was done, there was nothing left for me to do. Guess this, as well as The Heist DLC, will be a good enough reason to sling my way back into the game.

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