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Tsukuyo Revealed in New Gintama Rumble Footage; Brand New Commercial Out

Tsukuyo Revealed in New Gintama Rumble Footage; Brand New Commercial Out

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 24, 2017
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A popular Gintama character has been confirmed for Gintama Rumble. Her name is Tsukuyo, the female character who appeared during the Yoshiwara arc.


Tsukuyo Revealed in New Gintama Rumble Footage

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new commercial of the upcoming samurai fighting action game Gintama Rumble, otherwise known as Gintama Ranbu in Japan.

The commercial reveals  quite a few familiar characters from Gintama, including Tsukuyo, Housen, and Kamui. We also get to see Kagura in her awakened state, as you may remember during the Yoshiwara arc.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Yoshiwara arc I keep mentioning is when Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi went to the undergrounds of Edo known as Yoshiwara, where the “butterflies of the night” roam freely. This underground area is conquered by Housen, a member of the Yato clan just like Kagura, and one of the strongest from the already freakishly strong race.

This arc is quite notable in the series as it’s the first time Gintoki went head-to-head with a member of Yato clan in a serious battle. We also get a small sample of the theme song “Scramble” by Nagoya-based rock band SPYAIR. You can check the commercial at the top of this post.

The game will come to both Japan and Asia on January 18th 2018, and the good news is that the Asian version will come with handy English subtitles, allowing everyone to enjoy the game. Well, it’s not exactly news, more so of a kind reminder if you must.

A western release has not been announced for the moment, but even if it doesn’t come, importing the Asian version shouldn’t be a problem.


Pokdepinion: Well, it’s still ways away before Gintama Rumble gets released but we’re getting closer and closer. Not only that, with more and more previews coming out, I’m getting even more excited for the game.

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