WipEout Omega Collection Coming to PS4 in June


WipEout in glorious HD!

Ah the classics. As much as we’re all about moving forward and looking to the future we always come back to the classics. WipEout, the futuristic racing combat game that made its debut on the original PlayStation way back in 1995. Since then it has become synonymous with the PlayStation name, appearing on all PlayStation format up until now.

WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection has been announced recently by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch and will be available on Blu-Ray and Digital Download on June 6th this year. The collection will be available in three languages, namely English, Korean and Traditional Chinese. Retail prices for WipEout Omega Collection will be RM159 and RM149 for Blu-Ray and Digital Download respectively.

WipEout Omega Collection cover art

WipEout Omega Collection will be including remastered versions of the last three WipEout games, which are WipEout HD, WipEout Fury and WipEout 2048. It will also feature all of the tracks and ships from the original games with the visuals enhanced and will run at 1080P on PS4 or a dynamic 4K resolution on PS4 Pro. All in all there will be 26 reversible circuits, 46 unique ships, a ton of game modes and some new and classic music tracks.

There will be some early purchase bonus DLCs that will be bundled together with early copies of WipEout Omega Collection on Blu-Ray. Meanwhile for those who bought the Digital Editions of WipEout Omega Collection, the DLCs will be available during the first two weeks after official release. Here’s what you get for the bonus downloadable content:

  • PlayStation4 Dynamic Theme
  • A brand-new Van Über ship
  • Digital art book

WipEout Omega Collection will have a few different game modes, which include WipEout HD’s Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial, and Single Race; WipEout Fury’s Zone Battle, Eliminator, and Detonator; and WipEout 2048’s Career mode. There’ll also be a local two player split-screen race and online multiplayer.

Time for “WipEout” vets to come out of retirement and new pilots to make their debut.

Pokdepinion: In all honesty I’m not that familiar with the WipEout series but the gameplay looks fun as heck and I can definitely see myself spending hours playing this. Definitely gonna pick this up for myself.