11street’s Shocking Sales Increased Fourfolds – With Overseas Products Sold Increased By 600%!


The recent global shopping day, otherwise known as 11.11 or Singles day, had a big impact on 11street. It saw their total orders surge by 4 times compared to their regular business day.

11street Increased Sales

Within the 11.11 total order volume spike, it also saw a record breaking for number of orders made for overseas products which increased by a huge 600% from average daily orders on Saturday. Product categories such as grocery, home electronics, and beauty & sports are the main source for that increase, with an increase of more than 4x from average daily orders.

Understandably, e-vouchers and services also experienced growth, where they increased by 70%. Definitely consumers would want to get even lower prices with the help of them.

In addition, 11street also discovered that purchases made via credit cards increased by 386%, with traffic to the website doubled at that day. With the encouraging signs of the 11.11 sales, 11street have said that they will be planning to prepare a host of of different campaigns, sales, and promotions for the year end and and of course the upcoming 2018.

For those of you who don’t know, 11street’s Shocking? Yes! campaign offered lowest price guaranteed promotions, free shipping, periodic sales with deals as low as RM1 and RM11, as well as discounts from over 100 brands.

To find out more on 11street and what they have to offer, you can click the link right here to check it out.

Pokdepinion: Personally, I had a tough time handling the pressure to buy from Singles Day. I was so tempted…. 🙁