Apple drops prices of existing iPhone following the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X


We just saw the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X earlier today and following the keynote, Apple has reduced their prices for the existing iPhone devices. Our friends at were vigilant enough to identify this and have shared the details on their website citing the old and new prices along with the differences.

This will be a good time for those who have been eyeing on the current iPhone models and are fine with not having the latest device that has just been announced. As noted in the keynote, Apple will be retaining the iPhone 6 generation, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 series alongside the upcoming line-up to offer a wider variety of choices.

Discounts are set up to a difference of RM450, slashing all the prices under RM4,000 bracket including the last year’s highest-end model, the iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB storage. Only the SE series will be getting a lesser reduction in price with a difference of RM200. The new price is already updated on Apple Malaysia’s website and you can purchase it with the new price.

Here’s a price comparison for all the devices for your reference:

Model Old Price New Price Difference
iPhone SE 32GB RM1,949 RM1,749 -RM200
iPhone SE 128GB RM2,449 RM2,249 -RM200
iPhone 6S 32GB RM2,699 RM2,249 -RM450
iPhone 6S 128GB RM3,199 RM2,749 -RM450
iPhone 6S Plus 32GB RM3,199 RM2,749 -RM450
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB RM3,699 RM3,249 -RM450
iPhone 7 32GB RM3,199 RM2,749 -RM450
iPhone 7 128GB RM3,699 RM3,249 -RM450
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB RM3,799 RM3,349 -RM450
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB RM4,299 RM3,849 -RM450

Pokdepinion: This was really not a surprise as it has been a common practise to reduce the prices of the existing models by Apple amidst the launch of the new ones. If you’re an iPhone lover and have been planning for one, rejoice!

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