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Are You Ready For GE14? – Grab Is Helping You To Do Your Bid!

Are You Ready For GE14? – Grab Is Helping You To Do Your Bid!

by Raja IdrisApril 26, 2018

Being a homegrown Malaysian company, Grab looks set in helping the people in the country to step up and do their job as citizens of the country to go out and vote during the general elections. 

Grab Reporting For Duty This GE14

In order to get local citizens here to get ready for Election Day, Grab held an in-app quiz “Think you’re prepared for Election Day?” which ended recently on 21st of April. It was to remind Malaysians about the simple yet important details to help everyone prepare for the upcoming Election Day.

The quiz saw 14 correct respondents winning daily a limited edition Grab GE14 Voter’s Kit which includes one UNDI T-shirt, one (handhelf) Fan of democracy, and one RM5 OFF x 2 rides promo code postcard.

That aside, here’s where Grab does their job in helping Malaysian’s do their duty. Exclusively on May 9 2018, Grab is offering discounted rides to or from polling stations nationwide.

Just go to the GrabRewards catalog and you can redeem RM5 off for one ride for 250 points. This is valid for any verticals and payment method on the day itself only, May 9th 2018. This discount is valid for all polling stations across the 25 cities nationwide that Grab’s services are available in, and also two new cities, Lahad Datu as well as Sarikei, which will be available for Grab users on May 2nd, 2018.

To find out more on the Election Day, GrabRewards items as well as the promo code details, you can click here to find out more.

Pokdepinion: Thankfully the promo is not depending on which party that you will vote for 😛 But props to Grab for making this promo and helping the people do their job to the country. As a friendly reminder, do your bid and go out when Election Dat comes. Every vote counts, people! 

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