ASUS Offering 1-to-1 Swap to All ASUS Routers for Penang Flood Victims – Here’s how to do it


Every little bit helps

The whole of Malaysia was rocked by the news of a catastrophic flood that hit Penang a few days ago. It was harrowing to see the plight of the people of Penang, wading in waist deep in flood water in their own homes. Damaged homes, cars and household items, only God knows the pain and suffering the flood victims are going through.

Which is why ASUS is now offering a special straight 1-to-1 swap to ALL ASUS routers damaged by the devastating floods in Penang. Because every little bit helps. All you need to do is to bring your damaged ASUS router together with a certified true copy letter from Jabatan Daerah & Tanah Seberang Perai Tengah and/or any documents from relevant authorities to the address below at these times to swap your damaged ASUS router:

ADDRESS: No.105-108 ( 8th Floor ), Hexagon TechPark, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300, Penang

OPERATING HOURS: 9AM – 6PM – Monday to Friday, Excluding Public Holiday and State Holidays

Please note that the damaged ASUS router must be units purchased in Malaysia as these are the only routers illegible for this 1-to-1 swap. The straight swap offer will only be available until November 30 this year so take this opportunity as soon as you are able.