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Beat Traffic Jams this Ramadhan – We have some awesome tips for you!

Beat Traffic Jams this Ramadhan – We have some awesome tips for you!

by Super DaddyMay 16, 2018
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We would like to wish all our muslim readers Ramadhan Mubarak and happy fasting. The biggest problem during Ramadhan is the hectic of commute as majority of muslims begin leaving their offices at an earlier than usual time, creating a surge of traffic. This Ramadhan, let’s travel smarter by following these tips.

#1 Avoid the Rush Hours

Here’s some analytical data based on last year’s traffic data provided by Waze. In Ramadhan, most companies let their staff to leave at around 4pm which is when the massive surge begins. This remains on until 7pm before it starts to soothe down. On other months, this traffic pattern occurs aroundΒ 5pmΒ toΒ 9pm. We suggest, those who are not in the rush to buka puasa, avoid these hours and give way to the muslims to reach their destinations in time so you also gain the convenience to travelling in clearer traffic.

#2 Special Planning for Friday Drives

Things become a little different on Fridays according to the data provided by Waze. In fact, in Ramadhan, people drive most on Fridays particularly because of Friday prayers before a long rest on the weekend. If you are planning to drive on Friday, do check your Waze app in advance to determine traffic conditions before making a speedy escape from work to Buka Puasa. Friday prayers rush hours commence around 12pm to 3pm.

#3 Better Safe than Sorry on Highways

It’s always convenient to take the highways but we advise you to be extra alert during this month. Waze reported that the areas most commonly reported to have road accidents are on Lebuhraya NKVE, Jalan Kuching and Lebuhraya Salak highways. Don’t forget to check your Waze app daily if you travel regularly on these highways as they have higher likeliness of road accident occurrences.

#4 See it? Report It!

Of course, if you see an incident on the road, whether its an accident, a car stuck on the road side, or potholes, do some good by reporting it. You might just save someone’s life by doing this. A little effort goes a long way but do report it safely and always have your hands on the steering wheel when you’re driving. It’s best to have a companion during these times so he/she can report the incident on your behalf and carpool saves another car being on the road. Two bird, one stone!

#5 Use Waze even if you know the way

Even if you are familiar with the roads and travel regularly, fire up Waze and let it run. Waze is smart enough to determine the density of travellers on the road just by you doing this.

Pokdepinion: Driving during Ramadhan can be hectic. A little tolerance here, a little courtesy there, and we can all make a huge difference to all commuters. Let’s all do our part and be safe on the road at all times.

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