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GIGABYTE announces Xtreme gaming peripherals — RGB LEDs in everything except the gaming chair

GIGABYTE announces Xtreme gaming peripherals — RGB LEDs in everything except the gaming chair

by Muhammad FirdausDecember 8, 2016
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GIGABYTE, today rolled out its entire line of Xtreme Gaming series peripherals and gears, namely the XK700 gaming keyboard, XH300 gaming headsets, XC700W and XC300W PC cases, XTC700 CPU cooler, and XGC300 gaming chair.


XK700 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Built for responsiveness and precision control, the new XK700 gaming keyboard features gaming-grade mechanical red key switches coupled with the full N-key rollover functionality. The big-sized rubber feet can be adjusted precisely to the most comfortable height by rotating the circular gear, while keeping the keyboard firm and steady during intense gaming operation.

Product landing page: XK700 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


XH300 Gaming Headsets

The new Xtreme Gaming headsets have gamers immersed in a true-to-life gaming realm generated by 50mm driver units with enhanced bass reproduction; the built-in bendable microphone can be adjusted to the optimized placement for clear communication between teammates during combats. The ergonomic and lightweight design ensures extended comfort for prolonged gaming sessions.

Product landing page: XH300 Gaming Headsets


XC700W Full-tower PC Case

The new full-tower case comes with ample room and optimized thermal design, ideal for massive liquid cooling or multi-GPU builds. The 4mm black tempered glass makes the case a stunning showpiece for displaying all PC parts through the full-side panel window. This heavy-weight case also features aluminum shell that adds robustness to the structure, while completing a clean and sleek chassis font with a premium touch.

Product landing page: XC700W Full-tower PC Case


XC300W Mid-tower PC Case

The new mid-tower case is designed for powerful gaming builds on a budget with flexibility to expand and upgrade when needed. The XC300W uniquely supports both vertical and horizontal GPU installations, allows gamers to showcase their cool-looking graphics cards through the transparent acrylic side panel window. Messy cable power connectors can be hidden inside the PSU shroud, while separating the PSU heat from the rest of the internal system for more efficient dissipation.

Product landing page: XC300W Mid-tower PC Case 


XTC700 CPU Cooler

Forged with 2 big 120mm PWM fans to each side of the heat-sink, the new Xtreme Gaming CPU cooler is able to efficiently dissipate heat at a very low noise level. The PWM function provides the accurate and efficient fan speed for the CPU, finding a perfect balance between noise reduction and thermal performance. GIGABYTE patented blade fan design enhances airflow by 23%, whilst the 2-ball bearing structure delivers longer and more stable lifespan. The Xtreme Gaming logo is illuminated in customizable RGB for a fully dynamic lighting experience.

Product landing page: XTC700 CPU Cooler


XGC300 Gaming Chair

Featuring the extra higher backrest with up to 180-degree tilt and numerous manual adjustment options from top to bottom, the new ergonomically-designed Xtreme Gaming chair offers maximum flexibility to suit both gaming or relaxing comfort for each gamer. The chair also comes with the matching headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to provide enhanced support to the neck and the lower back.

Product landing page: XGC300 Gaming Chair

Pokdepinion: While every GIGABYTE’s gaming peripherals comes with RGB LED, I wonder why they didn’t bring the feature to its gaming chair too.

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