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Google Introduces New ‘Motorcycle Mode’ For Google Maps in Malaysia

Google Introduces New ‘Motorcycle Mode’ For Google Maps in Malaysia

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieJune 28, 2018
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Making travel even easier for Malaysians

Google Malaysia unveiled their freshly revamped and updated Google Maps app at the Google Malaysia office today. The new Google Maps app include brand new features to help users find restaurants or dives, keep up to date with events happening nearby or find new ways to experience your city.

Arguably the most important and helpful feature introduced in the new Google Maps app is the ‘Motorcycle Mode’. Seeing that most Malaysian citizens own a motorcycle and is a popular lifestyle choice for many households, Google introduced the ‘Motorcycle Mode’ feature to help Malaysian motorcyclists better navigate traffic in the city and across the country.

Malaysia isn’t the first country in which the ‘Motorcycle Mode’ feature has been introduced as it has been launched in other countries such as India and Indonesia. Both of these countries have many motorcyclists.

Here’s how the new ‘Motorcycle Mode’ works compared to a traditional route a four-wheeled vehicle might take. Since lane splitting is allowed in our country, motorcyclists are able to move at different speeds, usually faster especially when in heavy traffic. In ‘Motorcycle Mode’, Google Maps determines the routes and arrival times based on the different riding speeds of a motorcyclist, calculated by machine learning models. The estimation improves the more people use it.

The routes generated are also determined by landmark based navigation which means the routes given include prominent landmarks which should help during the motorcyclist’s navigation. The routes generated have also taken account road segments where motorcyclists are generally not allowed.

Check out the demonstration of Google Maps’ ‘Motorcycle Mode’ down below.

The ‘Motorcycle Mode’ is available now in the latest version of the Google Maps app (ver 9.80.2).

Google stressed however that the ‘Motorcycle Mode’ is only meant for motorcyclists to better plan their route rather than using it on the go. This is because smartphone use on the road is illegal for motorcyclists.

Pokdepinion: I think Google has been brilliant in their attempts to make navigation using Google Maps whole lot easier. It’s unfortunate that the ‘Motorcycle Mode’ can’t be used on the go by motorcyclists but I really think in the future they’ll find a way to do so.

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