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Grab Introduces Photo-Sharing Feature — Aims To Tackle Cancellations

Grab Introduces Photo-Sharing Feature — Aims To Tackle Cancellations

by Raja IdrisAugust 10, 2018
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Back in 2017, GrabChat was introduced as a way to cope against cancellation of bookings where they can message the driver on where to pick them up, now Grab is introducing photo-sharing on the platform to precisely show where you are and make it easier for pickups.

Grab introduces Photo-sharing Feature

Besides the obvious reason to let drivers know where their customers are, Grab is also use the photos to enrich and bring more accuracy to designated Points-of-Interest. This is essential as countries such as Malaysia have roads that can be complex, and pick-up locations may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Grab also plans to let drivers share photos with passengers later in the year for an even lesser cancellation rate and an even shorter time to find their ride.

In addition to that, Grab could also one day use this photo-sharing feature to be featured in other Grab services as well. This by hand, could mean that you are able to share your favorite meal so that your driver can help you find it and have it delivered to you faster, fresher, and warmer in the bag.

Pokdepinion: Well in a way, it does help the drivers to locate their passengers easier. I mean if you have some communication problems with each other, it would be easier for you to just send a photo of where you are. 

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