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Honor 8 Pro Is The Official Recommended Device for FINAL FANTASY Awakening

Honor 8 Pro Is The Official Recommended Device for FINAL FANTASY Awakening

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieNovember 10, 2017
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Awaken with Honor 8 Pro

Great news Honor fans! Honor 8 Pro has been chosen as the official recommended phone for the mobile MMO action role-playing game, FINAL FANTASY Awakening.

Formerly known as FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Online, FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING is made under the full supervision of the old cast – SQUARE ENIX and exclusively released by famous Chinese game company Efun Company Limited. The game is set in the world of FINAL FANTASY Type-0, forming part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries.

Honor 8 Pro Is The Official Recommended Device for FINAL FANTASY Awakening 20

Here’s a short synopsis of the game:

Final Fantasy Awakening is based on Final Fantasy Type-0, a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series. As such, the game takes place in the world of Orience, which is divided into 4 nations blessed with Crystals that bestow them with special powers. The world was at peace for some time as the 4 nations were under a peace treaty…that is until the Militesi Empire broke the treaty and staged an invasion using their advanced military prowess.

From the very beginning of Final Fantasy Awakening, players are thrusted into battle as an unknown “student” from Akademeia, the nation of Rubrum’s magic academy, as the place is being torn apart by the Militesi Empire. Little do they know, this unknown “student” holds the key to changing the fate of Orience, as part of an ancient prophecy.

Providing views on the partnership, John Lee, Marketing Director for Efun said,

FINAL FANTASY Awakening is the first official action mobile game of the FINAL FANTASY series in Malaysia and Singapore. The honor 8 Pro is a device that offers exceptional speed, graphic and detail, which fully complements the games stunning graphics which is the reason why we chose the honor 8 Pro as the official gaming smartphone for the game. We believe that gamers will take pleasure through the honor 8 Pro ultimate user experience.

To celebrate this auspicious partnership, the first 500 customers who purchase the Honor 8 Pro (first come first serve purchases from selected stores) will receive a gift card worth RM 138. A gift card worth RM 48 will also be offered to customers who purchase other Honor devices or products. Here’s another gift from Honor and the makers of FINAL FANTASY Awakening. They’ve prepared a special reward for all their fans where they will be able to redeem in-game items via the promo code: NDXBNGNV.

The Honor 8 Pro is available in the Malaysia via vMall, Honor Experience Stores and Display Zones at a retail price of RM 1,999. For more information regarding the Honor 8 Pro or any Honor devices, head on down to their official website here.

Pokdepinion: I really like FINAL FANTASY Awakening. It’s a solid RPG that makes for a great time waster especially when  you’re on the go most of the time. Plus it’s free. Check out our review for FINAL FANTASY Awakening right here.

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