Hot selling honor 8 Pro receives VoLTE update; higher quality calls with the official Mobile Legends smartphone


honor devices are kept abreast with the latest technologies even after being succeeded by newer devices. The honor 8 Pro which is the latest honor device here in Malaysia, has just received an update to support VoLTE. VoLTE uses the LTE network to improve call quality, as well as allowing users to use the internet while calling.

The honor 8 Pro which has just sold out on Vmall recently is no slouch, and the addition of VoLTE will definitely please its users. Interestingly, the honor 8 Pro is claimed to be the first honor device to support VoLTE, while I just received the L09C636B386 update on my honor 8 which added support for VoLTE, among other things. VoLTE on the honor 8 Pro will be supported on Digi, Yes 4G and webe, including in East Malaysia.

The honor 8 Pro comes with some strong specifications and powerful software features like machine learning integrated into EMUI 5.1. With so much performance on tap, the honor 8 Pro is also the official gaming smartphone for the controversial mobile game Mobile Legends, which is under fire for being a near direct copy of League of Legends.

Pokdepinion: While the update to my honor 8 touts support for VoLTE, I am unable to make VoLTE calls yet on Digi. So maybe the telcos only support the honor 8 Pro, despite the honor 8 having the capabilities for the technology?