HTC to make Exodus to the blockchain — a new blockchain-based smartphone with decentralization as its core


A lot of people claim that blockchain is going to be the backbone of the Internet in the future. The main draw of blockchain technology is decentralization to ensure privacy and security. HTC is the first to design a smartphone dedicated to decentralized applications and security, and what better name for a device meant for the future of the Internet, than Exodus.

The HTC Exodus is designed to offer blockchain features such as a universal wallet with a dedicated hardware stack to ensure you stay in control of your private keys on the device. The landing page for the device also claims that they will be bringing DApps to mobile, and also turn your device into a node.

There aren’t many details about the HTC Exodus itself yet, aside from the fact that it will most probably feature a single rear camera. It is set for a launch in Q3 2018, which means it will be out before the end of September.

Pokdepinion: Nice name, cool features, but not too sure whether it will take off among the public.