MOLPay Virtual Terminal – Offering Businesses Alternative Terminals


Recently MOLPay created the MOLPay virtual terminal app called MOLPay VT which acts as a payment processor and can be used anywhere as long as internet is available. Payment options includes credit card or debit card, online banking, invoicing, and Alipay Wallet.

It’s not all the time that a seller or a merchant can bring a payment machine around as it is inconvenient and heavy, so they are limited to do business in the vicinity of their shop. With this app, they can make deals anywhere they would like (with internet access,of course).

Here is how to setup the MOLPay VT;

  1. Go to the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and search for “MOLPay VT” and download it to your mobile device.
  2. Insert the required information; user details,merchant ID,etc
  3. Once your account is activated, you can start accepting payments and utilize the app.

For more details on the app itself, you can check out at their official site right here

Pokdepinion: Surely the app would help dealers to get around with their business. Definitely beneficial to everyone.