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MSI notebooks are ready for VR

MSI notebooks are ready for VR

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 24, 2016
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MSI is rather aggressive at making their notebooks better for gaming. Just recently we saw their GT72S Tobii at the grand opening of their official store, offering eye-tracking capability to make gaming even more immersive. How do you go further than that? Virtual reality (VR) of course.

MSI GT72S Dragon VR

A desktop GTX 970 is the lowest card that gets NVIDIA’s blessing of being VR Ready. Any lower and you just lack the firepower needed for an adequate VR experience. Virtual reality is the next technology frontier, and MSI GT notebooks equipped with the desktop version of the GeForce GTX 980 are already ready for it. The models certified by NVIDIA as VR Ready include the:

  • GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro and GT72S 6QF Dragon Edition (29th Anniversary Edition)
  • GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro G Heroes Special Edition
  • GT80S 6QF Titan SLI 29th Anniversary Edition
  • GT80S 6QF Titan SLI Heroes Special Edition



The notebooks were actually field-tested at CES 2016, as Intel used the notebooks to demo the HTC Vive. Taiwanese VR company 3Glasses also used MSI gaming notebooks for their VR products live demo, confirming that these notebooks are truly ready for it, and the certification isn’t just yet another shiny sticker on the body of these laptops.


Pokdepinion: These laptops are amazing beasts, and the addition of VR Ready certification just makes them even sweeter. I wish I could afford one though…

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