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Overwatch’s New Comic Confirms Tracer’s Sexuality; Blocked in Russia for Homosexual Content

Overwatch’s New Comic Confirms Tracer’s Sexuality; Blocked in Russia for Homosexual Content

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 22, 2016
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Overwatch’s own Tracer is gay? Well, that broke me heart…not that I stood a chance in the first place.

We’re approaching the beginning of a brand new year, 2017, and we have come so far in terms of social acceptance for specific groups. In the past, homosexuals/bisexuals were seen as the most atrocious thing in a society. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case now…to an extent.

Blizzard’s hottest game right now, Overwatch, is said to have one of the most diverse roster of characters around. Judging by the game’s latest comic, it appears that they’re diverse in more ways than one.


Overwatch: Tracer’s Sexuality Revealed

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Blizzard recently released a new issue of Overwatch’s comic series called “Reflections”, which further expands the backstory of the game. The biggest surprise in the comic is the revelation of Tracer’s sexuality.

It appears that Lena Oxton, better known as Tracer by fans of the game, is living with another girl named Emily. After Emily opened a present, she is seen kissing our beloved Tracer. Emily is not part of the Overwatch crew and is clearly an ordinary civilian, at least for the moment. You may be wondering what Harambe Winston has to do with that comic panel but Winston was holding a holiday dinner, which Tracer and Emily attends later on.

This shouldn’t come off as too much of a surprise as Blizzard has gone on record to say that there are multiple homosexual characters in Overwatch. “Reflections” mark the first playable character in the game to be a homosexual and we expect that there will be more characters revealed to be the same as well.


Russia Blocks “Reflections” Because of This

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Going back to my point that it’s almost 2017, you’d expect people to be okay with Tracer coming out of the closet but apparently, that’s not the case with Russia.

The new Overwatch comic which depicts Tracer’s sexuality cannot be viewed in Russia. In fact, if people in Russia were to try to do so, a message will pop up in their language, which translates to “in accordance with Russian law we cannot share this comic.”

Back in 2013, Russia passed a law stopping “gay propaganda” being available to people under the age of 18. Although homosexuality is legal in the country, the authorities are allowed to block access to websites deemed to promote it. In 2015 they even moved to ban emojis which showed same-sex couples kissing.


Pokdepinion: It’s great that Blizzard truly wants to have a diverse cast of characters in their game. And in the case of Overwatch, Tracer being gay doesn’t feel like it’s a forced thing just to appease the social justice warriors of the internet, something Marvel is known to do.

In case you’re wondering, Russia didn’t block the comic out of hatred because if they did, homosexual marriage wouldn’t have been legal in the country. We at Pokde respect the individuality of people and we are not one to judge people over their sexual orientation. Spread love, not hate.

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