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POCOPHONE F2 concept renders are starting to float around the Internet

POCOPHONE F2 concept renders are starting to float around the Internet

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 4, 2019
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There probably won’t be a new POCOPHONE anytime soon. But it did appear on Geekbench recently, and these here are concept renders of the POCOPHONE F2. So could it be coming soon? Who knows.

If these renders are legit, the POCOPHONE F2 will look a lot more like the other Xiaomi devices. At least when it comes to the camera’s position, that is. Instead of the central positioning, the renders point to the POCOPHONE F2 having the camera bump over in the upper left corner.

The new notch is also smaller, which should solve most people’s complaints about the device. It might however mean that you will be losing out on the IR facial recognition technology, which was pretty handy for unlocking the POCOPHONE F1 in the dark.

Now why we think the POCOPHONE F2 isn’t coming anytime soon?Β  The POCOPHONE F2 spotted on Geekbench touts the Snapdragon 845. Being a value-oriented brand, it would be quite unbecoming of them to waste money on new tooling, certification and other necessary stuff to release a new phone. All that money wasted without a proper upgrade in terms of performance would be quite silly.

But then again, Xiaomi isn’t unknown for inundating the market with devices which seem to serve no particular purpose. So perhaps we might see the POCOPHONE F2, just because?

Pokdepinion: Well I hope the POCOPHONE F2 does not come out with anything less than a Snapdragon 855…

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