ROG to introduce smartphone at MWC 2018? — a new competitor in the gaming smartphone niche


ASUS is no stranger at making nice smartphones. We have reviewed every generation of the ASUS ZenFones, and we have always been impressed, one way or another. But ASUS may have yet another card up their sleeves. A gaming smartphone.

A niche currently solely occupied by the Razer Phone, ASUS is set to pour their expertise in smartphone design and the gaming know-how of the Republic of Gamers division to create a proper gaming smartphone. Currently we are gonna go ahead and call it the ROG Phone.

While details are scarce, the ROG Phone is rumored to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Gaming usually involves serious heat output over extended periods, so it is understood that an elaborate cooling system will be in place to keep it cool under the hood. Pair that with a high refresh rate screen, more RAM than we have ever seen in a smartphone (hint: more than 10GB) and we are looking at a true gaming beast of a smartphone.

Pokdepinion: While every flagship device can be used for mobile gaming, it takes a true gaming smartphone to deliver the best possible experience. Here’s hoping ASUS will nail it with the ROG Phone.