Sent an embarrassing message while drunk? You can soon unsend messages on Facebook Messenger


We understand, sometimes you party too hard, get a bit wasted and accidentally send a 100-word confession to your crush. You can delete all traces of your messages in Telegram, or leave a message deleted in place of the embarrassing essay if you used Whatsapp, but if you use Facebook Messenger, you are done for.  But that’s about to change.

Facebook is going to roll out the ability to unsend your messages soon. As long as you sober up within ten minutes, you are good. By comparison, Whatsapp gives you about an hour (directly quoted from the FAQ regarding the matter) while Telegram gives you 48 hours. 10 minutes isn’t that long, but it is enough for that sense of dread to flood in and cue in the cold sweats to sweat out all that alcohol from your body.

The feature was spotted by Twitter user Matt Navarra in the changelog for version 191.0 of Facebook Messenger’s iOS app. The feature is touted as coming soon, so it is probably is still an update or two from prime time.

Meanwhile, try not to drink and text, alright? Stay safe.

Pokdepinion: I don’t drink, but I text weird stuff all the time anyway. Regrettably weird stuff. To the wrong people.