The Infamous SpottyBlue is Allegedly Back Harassing VTubers Under New Names

Aiman Maulana
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The Infamous SpottyBlue is Allegedly Back Harassing VTubers Under New Names

If you have been around on the internet long enough, you might have stumbled upon SpottyBlue, a name synonymous with the harassment of cosplayers and online personalities. It appears that he’s back yet again, this time causing quite a bit of a stir within the VTuber community.

What Happened This Time with SpottyBlue?

A well-known VTuber and Twitch partner Yueho, presumably from Malaysia as they use the #MYVT hashtag, has come forward on Twitter with issues stemming from an obsessed fan using the name “Luca_Maple”. Apparently, the VTuber has woken up to numerous emails and notifications with regards to this fan, which includes donation messages asking to be unbanned, her email address being subjected to registrations on multiple different online platforms, and more.

The crazed fan has also filed for a complaint with MCMC, claiming that Yueho “has been attacking me and my VTuber life”. Needless to say, it’s a cry for attention. The tweet has garnered a lot of attention, resulting in other people coming forward with their own experiences as well. Some of them include abusing the “Lead the Raid” redemption on Twitch to bring people to his Twitch stream, sob stories about losing VTuber friends while promoting their Discord server, getting aggressive when asked about art commissions, and more.

After reading through some of these accounts, I noticed there were a number of people who talked about disabilities not being a valid reason to act this way and how this person seems to be doing the same thing he has done before, seemingly pointing at the fact that they are notorious for these acts. Further digging revealed a familiar name that ties this Luca_Maple person to an infamous troublemaker in the Malaysian cosplay and gaming scene, SpottyBlue.

[Updated 4th December 2023, 4:02PM] 

On 2nd December 2023, a Malaysian creative-focused VTuber known as Haree Mata posted about her brief experience with an online fan of hers on Twitch using the name “Koharunique”. From what was shared, this person came by a couple of weeks prior and followed her Twitch channel. They then insisted on being friends on Steam under the pretext of giving her a game. This user even described his profile on her Twitch chat and mentioned about sending her a GrabGift straight to her email.

Upon receiving the email, the name that was listed as the sender of the GrabGift is none other than Sean Seow Wei Xiang as shown in an attached screenshot. A quick search has led to her discovering his past issues and as such, she decided to put the word out there so people can be aware that he has returned under new pseudonyms and is potentially up to no good. From what we can see, those new pseudonyms are:

  • Koharu (Steam)
  • Koharunique (Twitch)
  • @koharuyay (Discord)

While a number of his accounts related to these new names can no longer be found at the moment, a quick search did garner a small yet interesting result. @EclipseSkyeSFW on X posted about the Koharunique Twitch account earlier this month, letting people know that the channel was previously going under the name “KoharuGwyn”

The Infamous SpottyBlue is Allegedly Back Harassing VTubers Under New Names

The Infamous SpottyBlue is Allegedly Back Harassing VTubers Under New Names

But that’s not the end of it. When I was first informed of the new information as shared by Haree Mata on X (formerly Twitter), I decided to poke a bit of fun on X to lighten the mood. This actually caught Sean’s attention as I was bombarded with a mixture of emails, phone calls, SMS messages, and WhatsApp messages shortly after, with the latter coming from two different phone numbers but identified by the TrueCaller app as Sean Seow and Sean’s Switch Joycon Repair Service respectively.