Transcend wants to ensure your safety on the road; announces Drive Pro 130 and DrivePro 110 dashcams with Sony imaging sensors


Transcend has just announced their latest DrivePro dashcams, the DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110. The latest dashcams from the Taiwanese brand goes beyond just recording your journey, but also pack safety features such as Headlight Reminder and Driver Fatigue Alert.

If you often drive at night, these dashcams got you covered with their Sony high-sensitivity imaging sensors capable of high resolution and rich colors even in low light. The built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology ensures that the recorded image will have as much critical detail as possible, balancing the brightest and dimmest areas in the images. Night or day, the cameras are capable of capturing fine details such as license plate numbers at 30 fps at 1080p Full HD.

Headlight Reminder automatically detects poor lighting conditions and prompts the driver to turn on the headlights, while the Driver Fatigue Alert reminds the driver to rest after a preset, driver-determined period of time. This ensures a safer drive.

The DrivePro 130 also features WiFi connectivity to sync video and images to iOS and Android devices through the free DrivePro App. Easy access to video evidence without the need to remove the memory card from the dashcams is a great convenience in an accident. Both devices support the user-friendly DrivePro Toolbox which allows users to quickly locate video clips recorded by the dashcams. A nifty screenshot feature is integrated into the software for convenience.

The DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 dashcams are backed by Transcend’s Two-year Limited Warranty.

Pokdepinion: Higher quality dashcams are definitely welcome, and safety features like Driver Fatigue Alert are a great addition to prevent tired drivers posing a risk to other drivers.