Ubisoft adds FreeSync 2 HDR to Far Cry 5 — see Hope Valley in a new light with AMD!


Far Cry 5 is an amazing game, and what better way to enjoy the game than to see Hope Valley in its full depth with high dynamic range and fluid frame rates? With the latest update from Ubisoft for Far Cry 5, you can actually do just that, but of course, you will need an AMD GPU and a gaming monitor with support for FreeSync 2 HDR technology.

Far Cry 5 Review Ubisoft

FreeSync 2 HDR lets developers take advantage of the display’s brightness, contrast and color gamut capabilities directly to deliver twice the perceivable color gamut and dynamic range of a SDR display.

Far Cry 5’s support for FreeSync 2 HDR will be added via an automatic update to the game.

Pokdepinion: All the more reason to embrace AMD graphics! If only they have a powerful GPU that isn’t as ludicrously priced…