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Wondering if your cooler can be used on your next upgrade? Cooler Master: Say no more, fam

Wondering if your cooler can be used on your next upgrade? Cooler Master: Say no more, fam

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 11, 2018
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If you as stingy as me, you will have invariably considered how much of your old hardware can you bring over to your new build. Heck, saving on stuff like cases and coolers means a bigger budget for the rest of the parts, right? Or, if you might just want to be sure that the cooler you are considering will work with your CPU socket. Well, if you have thought about such things, then you will be glad for Cooler Master’s TDP and CPU Socket Compatibility Chart.

Listing all of their recent CPU coolers, Cooler Master has compiled a chart that lists their maximum supported TDP and the sockets they can work with. Heck, they even list out the stock LED colors. Whether it’s RGBae or single-colored, it’s all there. Basically it makes it a lot easier to know which cooler works with which socket, and the maximum TDP it can support.

Just loving the RGBae here

Just check out the list to know if Cooler A from Cooler Master will work with Socket X from either Intel or AMD. It’s a pretty comprehensive list and also gives you an easy way to compare the capabilities of recent coolers from Cooler Master thanks to the TDP rating.

Pokdepinion: This chart is really helpful, but if we are talking about “compatibility”, there are a lot more variables when picking out a cooler for your new rig, like RAM height, space around the socket and tall VRM heatsinks. Still, this is a good start.

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