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Yes 4G coverage may suffer a severe setback starting 15th July

Yes 4G coverage may suffer a severe setback starting 15th July

by Vyncent ChanJuly 13, 2019
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Based on a circular sent to school heads, the government is taking a hard stance against YTL Communications, the company behind Yes 4G. After some pretty serious accusations by YTL Comms regarding the lack of transparency in the Ministry of Education (MoE), Datuk Dr. Mohd. Gazali Abas, chief secretary of the MoE, released an explanation clearing the air about why YTL was dropped as the ISP for schools.

One of the reasons was because YTL apparently defaulted on nearly RM42 million of electricity charges for the telecommunication towers which YTL installed at schools and government premises by 15th July. The latest directive is for all schools to cut off power to the YTL towers. This directive was shared in our Community, and we got a hold of the PDF of the letter thanks to our readers.

The PDF shared with us was reportedly sourced from Telegram groups, so we are unable to verify its authenticity. However given the government’s drive to cut down unnecessary spending, it does seem very logical for the government to prevent wastage, especially when it involves a corporate entity no longer serving any purpose to schools.

Since the earlier statement by the chief secretary mentioned 2715 towers were installed on government premises, there is a huge possibility that Yes 4G users will suffer lousy coverage until YTL Comms can deal with the government. All they have to do is commit to pay their dues in electricity charges and everything should go on as normal. Unless, YTL Comms doesn’t want to, and would prefer their users to suffer.

The circular also informs schools to block any YTL Comms representatives to enter school premises without the explicit permission of the Ministry, which shows that the MoE is not playing. This case is far from over, and stay tuned for more developments about this fiasco. Meanwhile, Yes 4G users might have to face crappy Yes 4G coverage as the towers are shut down.

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