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YouTube Showcases Their Geeky Side – Celebrating the Age of the Geeks

YouTube Showcases Their Geeky Side – Celebrating the Age of the Geeks

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieNovember 1, 2018
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Welcome to the GeekTube

We live in a time where geek culture is no longer the uncool thing you try to hide from other people. In a twist of irony, it is now something society considers to be cool and trendy. With the popularity of video games, comic books, and movies such as Star Wars hitting stratospheric levels in recent years it is safe to say that this is definitely the Age of the Geeks.

In celebration of all things geek, YouTube took four of Malaysia’s purveyors of geek culture or more affectionately referred to as “GeekTubers” to their Generation YouTube showcase and invited them to talk about their own personal journeys to reach where they are now. Among these four “GeekTubers” are toy collector AwesomeToys TV, retro gamer GamerZakh, gamer and voice actress Hamlet as well as pro mobile gamer MrCocan.

Generation YouTube is an initiative done by YouTube Malaysia to showcase up and coming local content creators personally chosen by YouTube Malaysia based on their respective marks made on the popular video platform.

First up in the showcase is Peter Loo, the co-creator of the Awesome Toys TV channel (my personal favourite). This channel is now the main channel in Malaysia for anything toy or collectible related. In getting there Peter has said that they learned a lot by observing other toy creators and how they made their content.

Next up is Zakhren Yazid or more popularly known as GamerZakh plays a lot of retro games on his channel. He mentions that he is especially fond of games that came out during the mid-90s to early-2000s. Apart from playing classic games, his channel does newer and more recent games as well. Particularly sequels to games that he loves or games that evoke a sense of nostalgia in him.

The third YouTuber showcased is Hamlet. Amanda Yow, the creator of the channel is a gamer and a talented voice-over artist and often collaborates with other voice-over artists in her animated skits. Most of her dubs, animated videos and voice-overs are centered around the popular game Overwatch. She also does Overwatch “Let’s Play” videos and streams, among other games.

Lastly is Andi Basri bin Andi Sugiyanto (Andy) or better known by the name MrCocan. The story behind Andy’s creation of MrCocan is quite an interesting. He first created his channel back in 2008 with no plans of being a content creator. Only when he got himself in a motorcycle accident back in 2017 which limited his mobility that he turned to gaming. Apart from streaming his own games, he also does various product review videos as well vlogs.

Society nowadays love geek culture and it is so deeply ingrained in today’s pop culture and it shows. According to YouTube, 57% of millennials in Malaysia under the age of 25 care constantly searching for for the latest in everything through YouTube which also include stuff in geek culture.

Pokdepinion: Kudos to these local content creators and I hope we Malaysians will continue to support them. While you’re at it you can also check out our YouTube channel and support us too 😛

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