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AVF Gaming Freak AMP-G1 Xtra Large Review
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AVF Gaming Freak AMP-G1 Xtra Large Review

by July 24, 2015

+ Consistent tracking on surface
+ Low resistance surface
+ Grippy base
+ Thick 4mm rubber base offers good wrist support
+ Affordable pricing


- Sharp edge is very uncomfortable
- No edge stitching

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For RM59, it comes with an excellent surface and nice rubber base. Only one flaw stops it from being perfect.

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I just received a new mousepad from AVF, the Gaming Freak AMP-G1. It is only available in one size which is Xtra Large. The fabric surface is smooth or what AVF calls speed version and is meant to reduce the friction between the mouse and the mousepad. So without further ado, let’s get into testing the mousepad.



A big Gaming Freak logo with fire motifs sits right in the center of this mousepad. The logo looks pretty good to me and the fire motifs helps to enhance the “gamer” look of the mousepad. The rest of it is plain black which is good to prevent tracking issues with certain mice. The thick rubber base offers good support for the wrist and it’s also grippy to prevent it from sliding around when you perform furious swipes with your mouse.



  • 400mm x 320mm x 4mm
  • Smooth fabric material
  • Rubber base


User Experience

First off, it’s huge. It barely fit on my table. I usually use a small Razer Goliathus Speed Edition and this is way bigger. I had to tuck a corner away under my laptop and my keyboard is half on the mousepad. Gamers with bigger tables may favor the large size but for me, no thanks.

AVF AMP G1 scale

The size isn’t a flaw but perhaps AVF should offer more sizes to choose from. One size really doesn’t fit all in the world of mousepads. Enough about the size, let’s move on to the overall feel of the mousepad.


AVF AMP G1 closeup


Taking a closer look at the surface of the mousepad, you will find it’s of pretty good quality, right up there with the bigger brands. Tracking is very consistent on this mousepad after I tuned my Logitech Proteus Core G502 to the surface. In fact I prefer the surface over my Goliathus’ which is a far bit rougher than the AVF Gaming Freak AMP-G1’s. The smooth surface allows you to use less energy to move the mouse across the surface and resulted in me dropping the DPI from 2000 to 1800. The 4mm thickness also offered my wrist good support and I felt very comfortable with it. Until my wrist slid over the edge of the AMP-G1. There is no stitched edging for this mousepad, and AVF seems to have used some type of glue or bonding agent which made the edges of the mousepad to be hard and caused my wrist to itch. I am not sure if it is an isolated case with my review sample or it’s a widespread problem, but it’s such a let down given the nice surface. Without stitching the durability of the mousepad is also questionable.

I played my new favorite game, Witcher 3, and I never noticed any issues with my mouse control which is everything you want from a mousepad anyway. Being immersed in the game, I momentarily forgot about the problematic edges. And the increased smoothness coming from a Goliathus really made mouse movements feel more fluid while not too smooth till it’s difficult to control.



Except for the stiff edges making my wrist itch while I am using it, this mousepad comes highly recommended. Besides that, RM59 is a very reasonable price for this excellent mousepad. If your wrists never hit the edge of the mousepad, you will not have any issues at all with this mousepad. Hence, I award it the Bronze Award for the excellent surface and the grippy and thick rubber base. If it was actually comfortable to use I would have given it Gold, but that edge is just too uncomfortable for my wrist.




Our thanks to AVF Future Link Sdn. Bhd. for providing the review sample.


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