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CM Storm Swift-RX review
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CM Storm Swift-RX review

by July 27, 2015

+ Excellent tracking surface
+ Simple design
+ Comfortable for long usage periods
+ Stitched edges
+ Non-slip base is really non-slip
+ Reasonable pricing


- Still unavailable in the market as of writing

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I am gonna buy one as soon as they are made available.

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CM Storm is the gaming subsidiary brand of Cooler Master, and has lots of quality gaming peripherals under the label. Among them is the CM Storm MECH keyboard, CM Storm Supressor keyboard and many others. Today we have their latest mousepad, the CM Storm Swift-RX in three sizes, S, M and XL. It’s a slick and sleek fabric mousepad, so it won’t be for those looking for Control edition mousepads or hard mousepads. For those who are still reading, the prices are very reasonable at RM39 for S size, RM59 for M size, RM79 for L variants. The XL’s pricing is still yet to be announced. However you still can’t get them in your friendly neighborhood PC hardware stores just yet, as it is expected to appear on shelves sometime around August or September. Oh well, without further delay, let’s get started.



The mousepads come rolled up nicely and packed into sturdy boxes. Nothing else is in the box besides the mousepad. I was hoping for some nice stickers like what Steelseries bundled their QcK mousepads with. Nonetheless, the boxes are well designed and tastefully sprinkled with enough information to get you interested. There is also a small “Try me” patch of the mousepad for you to touch and decide whether you like the surface texture.

And the actual mousepads. Man that XL one is really huge compared to the other sizes. The surface is a smooth, low friction synthetic fibre optimized for gaming and also for optimal comfort. The fine mesh is suitable for both laser and optical mice, but I only have the optical Logitech G502 with me, so I can’t vouch for the compatibility with laser mice. I really dig the plain black surface with the contrasting white logo standing out in the corner. Much better than certain green mousepads. The non-slip 100% natural base is 3mm thick and holds on to the table like a barnacle to a ship’s hull. Rounding the mousepads off are stitched edges which prevents fraying to improve the durability of the mousepad.



  • 250mm x 210mm x 3mm (S)
    320mm x 270mm x 3mm (M)
    450mm x 360mm x 3mm (L)
    900mm x 360mm x 3mm (XL)
  • Synthetic fibre surface
  • 100% natural rubber base


User Experience

Swift-RX surface

The mousepads are a dream to use. As you can see from the close-up of the surface, the texture is really fine and is really smooth for swift mouse movements with minimal effort I really enjoyed using it for everything that involves mouse movements, and the thickness of the pad offers excellent wrist support, allowing comfortable usage over long hours. The edge stitching ensures better durability by preventing the edges from fraying. The only downside I see is the logo at the top right corner that hindered me from fully utilizing the surface area. However it’s due to the fact that I used the smallest version that I ever reach the logo anyway. If you pick the medium or extra large versions you will most probably not encounter this problem. Do note I am really nitpicking here as this mousepad is otherwise absolutely flawless.

Swift-RX on my table

I got a mousepad on a mousepad on a mousepad, for that 100% improvement in accuracy #truestory

The experience using the small and medium sizes are pretty similar, except that the medium size offers a lot more real estate for you to run amok with your mouse. The XL version however is a whole different story. It covers my table from one end to the other, with a little of it having to be tucked under my laptop. The XL mousepad extends the excellent wrist support to your keyboard hand, which is appreciated. It also has more than enough space for me to put my phone and other trinkets on it.



The experience using these mousepads are really great. The low profile business-only look is really nice to me. Those looking for more visually striking mousepads may have to look elsewhere, but the CM Storm Swift-RX mousepads are possibly among the best fabric mousepads out there right now. The surface allows for fast and consistent tracking, it’s comfortable to rest my hand on, and the prices are reasonable. I am actually tempted to go out there and buy one for myself right now actually. With that, I award it the Pokde.net Gold Award, which means it comes highly recommended by me.



Our thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia for providing the review samples for us to test.

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