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Cooler Master MECH Aluminum Gaming Keyboard Review
Silver Pokdeward

Cooler Master MECH Aluminum Gaming Keyboard Review

by April 7, 2015

+Bright illumination
+3 different illumination mode
+curve slope layout ergonomic
+Removable aluminum cover for customization
+Good software and Macro recording
+Detachable usb 3.0 cable
+2 USB3.0 port , audio/mic port and 1 USB phone/table charging port


-Might be to large for some people
-Quite heavy

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It has been awhile since my last review , this is due to my super bad time management . Let’s continue on with the review .

The MECH keyboard comes housed in a premium aluminum shell while being equipped with a quick travel handle. Users can choose from four of the most popular Cherry MX switches. It is built to be fast and can even store up to 75 macros and 5 profiles. USB3.0 super speed ports and audio / microphone ports allow for convenient device expansion and charging. 64 key roll over makes every command you strike register. Equipped with the latest tech, MECH is the choice for gamers looking at the ultimate representation of performance, durability, and style.

As you can see clearly on the bottom right corner of the box my MECH keyboard is using Red Switch

Mech (1)


  • Switches: CHERRY MX Blue/ Brown/ Red
  • N Key Rollover: 64
  • Macro Keys: 15 in each profile
  • Profiles: 5
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz/1ms
  • Backlight: All keys, 5 settings, 3 modes
  • Output: Dual USB 3.0 port and mini USB port for charging
  • Windows Key Lock: Yes
  • On-board Memory: 128k bytes
  • Media Keys: Yes (via F keys)
  • USB Cable: Removable
  • Dimensions: 553(L)x267(W)x43(H) mm
  • Weight: 1686 g / 3.71 lbs

On the back of the box you get all the info and features of the keyboard, as usual.

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My first impression when I open the box was “ oh shit “ , because of the keyboard body is huge and for sure it’s not gonna fit my keyboard tray . and I had to place it on top of my computer table

Mech (4)

This keyboard is really huge and heavy , and the oversized frame itself can be use as palm rest .

Mech (5)

MECH come with 5 macro key

Mech (6)

Another close up on the keyboard

Mech (7)

MECH keyboard is using detachable USB3.0 cable , it is pretty much standard for all Cooler Master keyboard to have a detachable cable . The keyboard also provides 2 USB3.0 and audio/mic port, thus serving as a USB3.0 hub too.

Mech (8)

Huge and heavy , you can see the MECH design have a some sort of handle/grip design on the left side for easier handling

Mech (9)

Along the top a full set of F keys and combination lighting and multimedia key via Fn key functions.

Mech (11)

F1 through F4 key controls the lighting functions .

Mech (12)


Suddenly a wild cat appear during my photoshoot with the mech keyboard . sooo sneaky

Mech (13)


Okay no more cat , lets continue with the accessories of the MECH keyboard. You will get 1 keycap puller , 1 Allen key for detaching the aluminium cover and 1 USB3.0 cable , ignore the screws in the bag as I have already unscrewed the aluminium cover beforehand .

Mech (16)

This what the Allen key is for , to unscrew the aluminum cover for easy cleaning and also for customization,e.g. air brush the cover with another color .

Mech (18)


Behold the legit Cherry MX red Switches!!!

Mech (17)

Take a look closely at the keyboard , you can see the MECH key layout has a nice slope for ergonomic this will keep your natural hand position on the keyboard and also help reduce fatigue for long term use .

Mech (19)


Mech (12)

There are 3 types of illumination mode you can choose , Full backlit , Breathing Effect , Important key and also there are 5 levels of brightness you can set

Mech (22)


The MECH keyboard software is a good one , very straightforward software in which you can customize every single key on the MECH using the software , 5 profiles which you can customise and store in the keyboard or you can use PC RAM to set as many profile you want . Another feature of the software is the Macro Studio. This macro studio provide tons of freedom when recording macro , you can even record a mouse click. Personally, I’m against mouse click macro because lots of people abusing it using in FPS game or click games .

Mech Soft (1)

Mech Soft (2)

Mech Soft (3)

Mech Soft (4)

Final Thought

Mech (4)

I’m impressed of this keyboard , it’s available in 3 different Cherry MX switches ( RED , GREEN , BLUE ) . Even with its large body CMStorm MECH Aluminum Gaming Keyboard performed very well , and it’s very comfortable. But of course if you have space constraints , this keyboard can’t be in your list . I would like to give CMStorm MECH Aluminum Gaming Keyboard the Silver Pokdeward!


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