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Edifier W855BT wireless headphones review — sturdy build within admirable sound
Gold Pokdeward

Edifier W855BT wireless headphones review — sturdy build within admirable sound

by January 21, 2017

+ Premium and sleek design
+ Comfortable soft cushion earcups
+ Easy to connect
+ Excellent audio quality
+ Great battery life


- Difficult to get from online stores

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The Edifier W855BT is a good example of what over-ear wireless headphones should be with a sturdy build and excellent audio quality.

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Using a IEM during sleep is quite a challenge if the wire keeps disconnecting from the audio source. I’m a person who frequently listens to Rainy Mood to improve my sleep quality. However I live in constant fear of breaking my headphones or earphones. Until one day, I received the Edifier W855BT wireless Bluetooth headphones and I decided to put both its audio and build quality to test.


The Edifier W855BT packaging is pretty straightforward with the product image and labels on the front. From the front of packaging itself we learn that the Edifier W855BT connects over Bluetooth, features NFC pairing, and also support for Qualcomm aptX technology.

At the back, we have a list of features and detailed specifications of the Edifier W855BT as well as more images of the product itself.

Opening up the package reveals a hard carry case sitting nicely in the box. The Edifier W855BT and its included accessories are all in the case.

In the carry case we find the Edifier W855BT and a 3.5mm audio cable. It is also supposed to come with a USB charging cable too but somehow, we did not get it with our review unit. Edifier W855BT can be used over a wireless Bluetooth connection or connected via the 3.5mm cable to the audio source, which explains the included 3.5mm cable.


The Edifier W855BT has a unique black and brown color scheme which reminds me of a coffee bean. The driver shells are plastic with some aluminum-alloy for the height sliders. The earcups and headband cushions are wrapped in leather.

The Edifier W855BT design is pretty simple with only a single EDIFIER logo found on the outer side of the headband. The amount of padding on the headband is adequate for comfortable use even over extended periods.

At the bottom of the headphones we have a microUSB connector for charging and also the 3.5mm audio jack for wired mode. The on/off and Bluetooth pairing switch are unified. The audio cable is one meter in length, suitable for smartphones or laptops.

On the right shell we have the volume and playback control. All the buttons are easy to reach and have a nice tactile feedback when clicked. Double clicking on the play button also works to trigger the speed dial function.

The Edifier W855BT comes with 40mm neodymium drivers, which are pretty average. The earcups are over-ear ones, with a nice soft cushion wrapped in leather. There are also small holes inside of the earcups to help ventilate your ears. The earcups can swivel around and extend to offer a more comfortable fit.

The height slider is made of aluminium-alloy. At first I thought it’s just a strong plastic but actually it is metal with a thick coat of paint. By extending the slider to its maximum length, the Edifier W855BT is ready for some big heads.


User Experience

Pairing the Edifier W855BT to your smartphone is very easy. Just go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting and hold Edifier W855BT’s Bluetooth switch, and it will automatically connect without any further steps. There’s an audible notification and aptX pop-up (if your device supports aptX) on your device once the headphones are successfully connected.

Edifier W855BT is very comfortable to use with its padded headband and over-ear earcups wrapped in leather. Even during long extended periods of listening, it was still very comfortable and I didn’t feel the need to take it off for a break. That is when I decided to use it during sleep and replace my IEM with it. The only problem when using the Edifier W855BT during sleep is when you sleep on the right side is you might accidentally increases or decrease the volume. With the closed-back design coupled with the earcups cocooning my ears, noise isolation is also quite excellent. After a month of using it while sleeping, I can guarantee its sturdy build quality.

Now let’s talk about sound quality. The Edifier W855BT features support for the aptX audio codec which delivers CD-like quality over a Bluetooth connection. The aptX codec replicates the entire frequency of the audio, reproducing pure sound and ensuring that users hear everything as the artist intended. The end result is audio quality that equals a wired connection. The audio quality produced by the Edifier W855BT is admirable especially the bass. The bass is strong yet doesn’t overpower the mid frequencies. The well balanced audio is continued with the high frequencies shining bright, allowing me to enjoy any genre of music I listen to.

EDIFIER claims the Edifier W855BT can do 20-hours of talk-time and 400-hours in standby with a single charge. On average, I managed to use it for 3 nights before needing to recharge it. It is definitely capable to last for more a few days if you use it for random hour-long listening sessions. Since it uses a microUSB connector, charging it is not difficult as you can use any smartphone charger to charge it.


Edifier W855BT has definitely shown me how good a wireless headphone can be. Its sturdy build quality is also proven through my usage during rough sleep. Edifier W855BT audio quality is as good as it looks, but getting it online could be difficult. I only found one on Lazada and it’s priced at RM430.

It’s quite a sum of money to pay but for me, it’s totally worth it the price. After considering all the features and build quality, the Edifier W855BT is totally deserving of our Gold Pokdeward.

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