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MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition by Cooler Master case review — Make them turn green with envy
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MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition by Cooler Master case review — Make them turn green with envy

by March 21, 2017



+ Velcro straps makes for excellent cable management
+ Supports up to two 280mm radiators
+ Support up to 190mm tall CPU cooler
+ Three 140mm fans included
+ Excellent custom paint job
+ Good air ventilation
+ Good and solid material used for the case
+ Flexible and functional build
+ Modding-friendly
+ Accessories and custom part are available, with strong support from modders


- Small cutouts for cable routing for the 2.5" drive trays
- Doesn't come with PSU shroud
- No USB Type-C port on the front panel

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The MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition by Cooler Master is the perfect case for the NVIDIA fans out there who can't get enough of green in their lives.

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Although it has been launched back in 2015, the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 is still one of the favorite PC cases among PC enthusiast and case modders. This particular case we have here is a custom edition of the standard variant, but with NVIDIA GeForce theme. This is the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition by Cooler Master.


Cooler Master went with a full color print on the case, which looks much better than the brown cardboard boxes you usually find computer cases in. However due to the monochromatic theme of the case and packaging, it is essentially just multiple shades of grey. Not sure if there are 50 or more though. Images of the case tease the interior space and aesthetics of the MasterCase Pro 5. There is no mention of the case inside being a special NVIDIA edition though.

At the back, we have an exploded view of the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 and additional information regarding Cooler Master’s FreeForm Modular System in multiple languages.

On both side of the box, we have the case’s specifications and the different levels of trim that the MasterCase 5 comes in.

Despite the outer box being damaged during shipping, we are glad to find the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is securely cocooned by two chunks of Styrofoam and a foam bag to protect it from any damage.

The MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is included with a small number of accessories in a small box including the user manual and warranty information.


The MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is a custom edition with NVIDIA GeForce theme applied throughout the exterior of the case. It comes with a big green transparent window to show off all your components, like your brand-new AMD Vega GPU and AMD Wraith cooler.

From the front, we have the GeForce GTX on its bezel and the Cooler Master logo located on the mesh. MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition’s front panel features two USB 3.0 ports with audio in and output in the middle. The power on/off button is right at the middle and a smaller reset button beside the right USB port.

The dust filter is easy to remove and we find two pre-installed 140mm fans. From the specifications, it supports 240mm or 280mm radiators with a maximum thickness of 40mm without fans. On top of that, it also supports two 5.25-inch drive.

Cooler Master did a very good job with the GeForce logo. I was expecting a vinyl wrap of sorts but Cooler Master went the extra mile and did it with a high quality paint job.

Unlike the MasterBox 5, the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition doesn’t support mounting your graphics card vertically and we have a mounting frame for the power supply which you have to slide in later. It has seven motherboard expansion slots and one pre-installed 140mm fan for exhaust.

The top dust filter can be remove by sliding it backward, reveals the mounting bracket that supports for 240mm or 280mm radiator with a maximum thickness of 40mm without fans.

The internal layout of MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is separated into two compartments, which is meant to improve the cable management. It comes with two 3.5-inch drive cage, one 5.25-inch drive cage and two 2.5-inch drive bracket. In total, you can mount up to five 3.5-inch hard drives and 2.5″ hard drives or SSDs at the same time.

Moving at the other side, the CPU cutout for the case is big enough to make installing any CPU cooler backplate a breeze. For better cable management, it also comes with three Velcro straps. You can mount two 2.5″ drives or SSDs onto the motherboard tray by using the brackets provided.

With the Cooler Master’s FreeForm Modular System, pretty much everything can be taken out of the case.


Model NumberMCY-005P-KWN00
Available ColorBlack
MaterialsSteel body, Plastic mesh bezel
Dimensions (LxWxH)All512(L) x 235(W) x 548(H) mm
Motherboard SupportATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots7
Drive Bays5.25″2
Combo 3.5″/ 2.5″5
I/O PortUSB 3.0 x 2
Audio in / out
Pre-installed Fan(s)Front140mm x 2
Rear140mm x 1
Fan SupportFront120mm / 140mm x 2
Rear140mm x 1
Liquid Cooling SupportFront240mm / 280mm radiator, up to 40mm thickness without fan
Top240mm / 280mm radiator
Rear120mm / 140mm radiator
ClearancesCPU Cooler190mm
Cable RoutingBehind Motherboard Tray25mm – 35mm
Dust FiltersFront, bottom
Power Supply SupportBottom mount, ATX

Hardware Configuration

ProcessorIntel Core i7-5820K
MotherboardASUS X99 Deluxe
MemoryAvexir Blitz 16GB DDR4
StorageSandisk Ultra 240GB
Power SupplyCooler Master V850

User Experience

Difficulty when installing all the hardware into a case is depending on the hardware amount. For the review, I’m using the Pokde benchrig with two full length graphics card and one SSD. As there are no hard drives used, I removed the drive cage. Cable management is not a problem at all especially if you’re using a modular power supply. The Velcro straps really helps in managing all the cables in the case.

The only issue I had when installing all the component is the cutout for 2.5-inch drive. I found out that it’s quite small and almost impossible to plug either right angle SATA data cable or the SATA power cable. For me the only viable solution is the use of straight-ended cables, or make a bigger cutout for it.

From my observation during build, one of the biggest advantages with FreeForm Modular System is air ventilation. Since you can remove pretty much everything, the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition’s ventilation is excellent.


MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is a well-made casing suitable for most PC build with high end component. Air ventilation is not a problem for this case, as it supports up to two 280mm radiator at the top and front of the case. Meanwhile it supports up to 140mm radiator for the rear. Cooler Master decision to bundle three 140mm is highly commendable, as we know most of fans of this size are not cheap.

Cable management for the casing is excellent but it still can be difficult as you install more components. If you are used to building your own rigs, routing all the cable with the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is a breeze. The only issue I had with the case is the cutouts for the 2.5-inch drive which are not suitable for right-angle SATA data and power cable.The MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition use solid material, especially the custom GeForce GTX paint job. I found no cheap material here and the side panel is thick enough to prevent it from being easily warped.

The MasterCase 5 is still one of the favorite PC cases among modders. Even SuperDaddy’s LaFerrari, is based on the MasterCase Pro 5. The MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition is priced at RM699, which seems a little bit expensive for the custom paint job. If you like the case because of its aesthetic and functionality, you can get the normal version which is cheaper at RM599. I award the MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition a Gold Pokdeward, not because of the paint job (which was great, BTW) but the ability to remove nearly everything from the interior, to make modding it easier, or just to make space for huge components. Truly, this is a case that you can easily #MakeItYours.

If it’s too big for your M-ATX motherboard, Cooler Master also provide the smaller MasterCase Pro 3. A compact version of the MasterCase Pro 5, it is priced at RM499 in retail.


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