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Edifier W800BT Bluetooh headphones review — Basic wireless audio for bassheads
Bronze Pokdeward

Edifier W800BT Bluetooh headphones review — Basic wireless audio for bassheads

by March 23, 2017

+ Metallic finishing with concentric circle pattern on sides of earcups looks good
+ Really lightweight, comfortable to wear
+ Plush padding for headband and earpads are really comfy
+ Ample amounts of bass
+ Really long battery life


- Entirely constructed of plastic
- No articulation, difficult to stow away, does not offer a proper seal on ears
- Over-emphasis on bass frequencies, overpowers mids and highs

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The Edifier W800BT is an affordable wireless headphone with a plastic build and bass-centric sound.

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Wireless headphones usually don’t come cheap. Well, there is no reason for them to, actually. Most devices have a 3.5mm jack, and those smartphones that don’t, are priced high enough to be out of range of people who can’t afford a RM500-600 pair of headphones. But, what if you want the convenience of wireless audio, but are not willing to part with so much money? Well, the Edifier W800BT lets you have your cake, and eat it too.


The packaging of the Edifier W800BT is not the most flashy I have seen. You get a simple white box with the product image, some highlight features like the 40mm drivers and Bluetooth support over on the front. Over on the back, you get images of the other color options the Edifier W800BT comes in, as well as a basic specifications table. I would have appreciated a window to check out the headphones I am getting, but the pictures are pretty detailed enough to give me an idea of the headphone’s appearance.

Opening the box reveals a very creatively placed box at the top of the plastic tray, which contains the cables and the user manual. The headphone is held in place by the hard plastic tray. The 3.5mm cable features gold plating too. The packaging is simple, but the contents are pretty much everything you need. Perhaps a case would have been nice, but they are usually bundled with headphones at at a different price bracket altogether, like the Edifier W855BT.


The Edifier W800BT looks pretty decent, with a nice metallic finish on the earcups and a concentric circle pattern on the flat surfaces. However if you are looking for premium materials, this is not the headphone to get. It is made entirely of plastic. Even the headband sliders which are usually made of metal for better durability are also made of plastic here.

The broad headband is blank, which I believe is a wasted opportunity for some nice branding there. Those who prefer a plainer look might find this preferable though. As you can see, the Edifier W800BT’s earcups have no articulation. This means it can’t fold for easier storage, nor will the earcups be able to swivel to give you a more comfortable fit.

The padding on the Edifier W800BT is pretty plush, definitely beating the ones found on the Edifier H840 I own. I really quite like the Edifier W800BT in terms of its padding. The headband and earpads are wrapped in pleather and are pretty thick actually. The headband are really soft, with the earpads being a little harder for more support.

The 3.5mm port and microUSB port are on opposite earcups. You also have a microphone on the left earcup for calls.


User Experience

The Edifier W800BT only has three buttons, the volume buttons on the edges of the earcups and the multifunctional power button on the outer side of the right earcup. Press the power button for five seconds to pair a new device, and just press it three seconds to turn it on or off. The buttons are tactile and feel great to press. The volume buttons can be long-pressed to jump to the next or previous track, with the volume up key featuring a little nub for you to differentiate it from the volume down key.

The clamping force of the Edifier W800BT is very light. With the mild clamping force, the lack of articulation really doesn’t allow the Edifier W800BT to provide a proper seal for better passive noise isolation. On the upside, they feel very comfortable. I am very curious as to why Edifier could throw in fully articulating earcups on the more affordable Edifier M710 but decided that they don’t need them on the Edifier W800BT. Thanks to the lack of articulation, portability is also affected. It takes up quite a lot of space in your bag, and you worry about it breaking too when its in your bag.

I use the Edifier W800BT with my Honor 8. Yes, it lacks AptX support and probably quite a few other features you will find on pricier alternatives, but the Edifier W800BT still sounds decent. The Edifier W800BT has a rather warm sound, and the higher frequencies and vocals seem to take a back seat whenever bass kicks in. Bass is ample, and can tend to feel a little flabby when the bass notes are in quick succession. Taeyeon’s voice in I (Feat. Verbal Jint) was definitely masked when the bass kicked in. If you prefer punchy tracks like No Twerk ft. Panther X Odalisk – Original Mix by Apashe, then you will find the Edifier W800BT to be really fun to listen to. Vocals and instrumentals are not the Edifier W800BT’s strong suits, but they aren’t really bad per se. Listening to Johnny Cash’s Hurt is still pretty enjoyable, with the guitar twangs coming through clearly, but his voice feels “smoothened” in a sense thanks to the emphasis on the bass frequencies, causing me to not feel the same emotions I have felt when I listened to the track with other headphones.

The battery life is also really great. I have in fact used it for over a week without needing a recharge yet. Edifier claims 35 hours of music with the 1400 mAh battery in the Edifier W800BT, and I don’t doubt them one bit. In case you are worried that you will run out of battery when out and about, carry the included AUX cable for music as long as your smartphone can last. However the microphone is not usable when you use the 3.5mm input on the Edifier W800BT. Speaking of which, I did use the microphone for a phone call, and the other end heard me well enough. Don’t expect anything spectacular though, as its location will expose it to a lot of wind and surrounding noise.


The Edifier W800BT is priced at RM179 on Lazada, which allows it rank among the most affordable pairs of wireless headphones. The sound quality may be slightly lacking if you are looking for a headphone to enjoy vocals and instrumentals, but if your playlist consists mostly of bass-heavy tracks, then you will find the Edifier W800BT to be pretty decent. The lack of articulation also makes it less portable than a Bluetooth headphone should be, while also not giving a proper seal on my ears. Aside from those setbacks, it is an okay-ish pair of wireless headphones, and I definitely did enjoy listening to some thumping bass with it. It is worthy of our Bronze Pokdeward, but I hope Edifier can improve upon the design and balance out the sound a little more for better enjoyment of every genre of music.

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