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MSI announces the DS502 gaming headset — Features a vibrator

MSI announces the DS502 gaming headset — Features a vibrator

by Muhammad FirdausOctober 8, 2015
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MSI Gaming Dragon is expanding their line-up with the new DS502 gaming headset featuring enhanced Virtual 7.1 surround sound with active noise-cancellation. The DS502 is using 40mm drivers which are said to provide crystal clear Hi-Fi audio quality and the Cmedia Xear software offers plenty of presets, preference and includes a 10-band equalizer.


For a more intense and immersive gaming experience, the DS502 is added with a vibration motor so you can feel “loud” explosions happening around you. Adjustable and omni-directional microphone equipped with noise-cancelling helps to you to communicate clearly with your friends or teammates.


The in-line remote allows gamers to control volume, mute their microphone and turn vibration on or off with a single button and the cable is braided.


Offering a premium build quality, the lightweight and ergonomically designed DS502 has a self-adjusting headband to ensure a comfortable fit during long gaming sessions. MSI wants to highlight more than the sound, and also comes with a illuminated Dragon logo to make you look cool while you frag them newbs.


Driven by passion, MSI meticulously crafts its GAMING peripherals to incorporate both functionality and design, making them the best choice for ultimate gaming.



SOURCE : TechPowerUp


Pokdepinion : A gaming headset with 7.1 channel surround audio might be great for competitive gaming. For example, playing Battlefield 4, I would totally agree that it would bring the best gaming experience, as the vibrator vibration motor can be so much fun. I used to own a China-brand headset that came with vibration features and honestly I kinda liked using it when playing FPS games because you can feel the vibration around your ears when explosions and heavy bass music make it vibrate hard. Oh it is starting to sound weird…

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