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Mi Air Purifier Pro, the ultimate home air purifier

Mi Air Purifier Pro, the ultimate home air purifier

by Aiphos HooDecember 23, 2019
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After looking into the Augienb Air Purifier, we were left hungry for more air purifying action. Thus, we reached out to Xiaomi Malaysia and got our hand on their top of the line air purifier the Mi Air Purifier Pro!

Being the flagship in Xiaomi’s air purifier lineup, the Mi Air Purifier Pro carries all that Xiaomi has to offer, from high capacities, huge purifying range, built-in PM 2.5 counter among other. Priced at around RM1000, the Mi Air Purifier Pro has a lot to offer at this price, but how well does it fair? Let’s find out.


The Mi Air Purifier Pro stand at 73.50 cm
The Mi Air Purifier Pro stand at 73.50 cm

The Mi Air Purifier Pro towers over the Augienb Air Purifier, standing at 73.50 cm, or about the height of a small child. The casing is made of hard plastic that seems pretty sturdy. You get a matte finish and smooth curved edges, which hint at the fact that Xiaomi is well-aware that this product will be put around children and decided to go the sensible route with the design.

The unit is rated to be capable of purifying the air in a room measuring around 35 ~ 60 m2 or 645 ft2, about the size of a small house or studio unit. Within this range, it is capable of removing dust, pollen, and even volatile compounds such as formaldehyde thanks to the filtering system which combines a HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter.

The design of the Mi Air Purifier is rather simple. On top of the unit is the exhaust where the purified air exits the unit, as well as the navigation button. The front panel is home to an OLED where the status of the air purifier will be displayed.

There are 4 major items that can be displayed here, the PM 2.5 measurement in the area, the “favorite mode” which is basically a manual mode which allows users to control the speed via a mobile app, night mode which the quietest among all mode, and finally auto mode which is intelligently adjusts the fan speed to best purify the air in your room. Below the OLED is basically where the air filter sits, with it accessible via back door for easy replacements.

Mi Air Purifier Pro's filter is accessible from the back of the unit
To change the filter, user can simply remove the cover from the back, unlock the filter and replace it.

The purifying process is simple, the air purifier pulls in air from the holes in the chassis, forces the air through the air filter, and then exhausts the filtered air from the top. To change the filter, users can simply remove the cover from the back, unlock the filter and replace it.

Mi Air Purifier Pro's filtration motor
Mi Air Purifier Pro’s fan

What is interesting is the selection of filter type available, Xiaomi has prepared 3 types of filter to handle different needs, the basic HEPA filter, the HEPA + formaldehyde filter, and finally the HEPA + bacteria type.

Mi Air Purifier Pro's filter comes with 3 different variant
Mi Air Purifier Pro’s filter comes with 3 different variant


To test the Mi Air Purifier Pro, we will be using an air quality measurement tool that specifically tests PM 2.5, Formaldehyde, and TVOC level. All test are done in favorite mode with the speed set at 50%

Normal Situation

  • Small office: ~150 sq feet
  • No windows
  • Door closed with no entry nor exit during testing

FormaldehydePM 2.5TVOC
15 Minute0.0610000.417
30 Minute0.0480010.260

Due to the low PM 2.5 level available in the room, this test more or less proved nothing. However in the following set of tests, we can see how well the air purifier deals with PM 2.5 swiftly. 

Hazardous Situation

Since the normal test does not really show the efficiency of the Mi Air Purifier Pro dealing with PM 2.5, to test its ability in dealing with hazardous situations. To test this we spray the room with deodorant spray, as this will spike the level of both formaldehyde and TVOC.

FormaldehydePM 2.5TVOC
30 second (Spray)1.9990129.999
1 Minute1.5220529.999
15 Minute1.1260018.317
30 Minute0.8260005.710
1 Hour0.1810020.754

The Mi Air Purifier Pro proved effective in removing hazardous substances in air. Within 1 hour we see the formaldehyde and TVOC drop to a safe level. With the AugienB Air Purifier we test, we only achieved this level after 5 hours. But it is worth noting that the AugienB Air Purifier does not come with an activated carbon filter, yet it is good to know that the Mi Air Purifier Pro does and as you can see, works rather effectively. 

Interestingly, its seem that is this a better test result to understand how well the Mi Air Purifier Pro deals with PM 2.5. Within 15 minute you see the PM 2.5 dropping from 052 to 001.

Sound Level

While the test earlier is done at 50% fan speed, what we notice is that the noise levels are very bearable. We ran the Mi Air Purifier Pro at other speeds to see how much noise it would produce.  

Off45.2 dB
10%46.3 dB
25%48 dB
50%51.8 dB
75%54.5 dB
100%55.4 dB

At full speed, it can get as loud as 55.4 dB, although the noise is a much more tolerable low pitched hum. Again we should point out that it is very likely Xiaomi has kept in mind that this device would be placed in a family area, hence equipped it with a fan that emits a low hum at its loudest. 

User Experience

The Mi Air Purifier Pro is a beast when it comes to filtration as not only does it works flawlessly, it also does it swiftly. At 50% fan speed, the humming produced is noticeable but it’s still gentle enough that it does not get annoying.

Mi Air Purifier Pro is effective in air filteration

Xiaomi did an amazing job on the mobile app which is very well designed and user-friendly. Once the device is connected, the controls are very straight forward. Other than changing the fan speed and mode, the mobile app also shows the PM 2.5 level and the estimated filter replacement time.


The Mi Air Purifier Pro is a wholesome package. For what Xiaomi is asking for, it is fully justified. Excelling at what it should be doing while at the same time looking right at home in any kind of room decor. This is a device that I would be comfortable to put in the living room knowing it won’t affect the theme I have set in place. We definitely recommend the Mi Air Purifier Pro.

The Mi Air Purifier Pro is priced around RM988, and more often or not you can find it at offer price below that. For more official information on the Mi Air Purifier Pro, you can find it at its official website here.

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