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CamToy Laika is your dog’s second best friend — a robotic companion to entertain your canine friend

CamToy Laika is your dog’s second best friend — a robotic companion to entertain your canine friend

by Vyncent ChanJune 11, 2018
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Named after the first dog in space, the CamToy Laika is set on an equally futuristic mission: to keep your dog happy when you are not around. As dogs can get distressed when their owners aren’t around at home, the CamToy Laika keeps them entertained via a slew of sensors and features.

Laika’s mission was never to replace the human owner, instead to serve as a distraction when you aren’t home. As any dog owner who has returned home to find chewed up shoes or cushions knows, dogs can get frantic when their only companion isn’t around. With Laika, you can communicate with your dog via a camera, microphone and speaker combo, letting you see the cute antics of your dog and communicate with it. To attract its attention, there is even a controllable treat launcher. All of these features are available via a smartphone app.

It can also autonomously detect repeated barking and alert you via the smartphone application. The Laika can also automatically return to its charging station, and locate your dog via a smart tracker that can be attached to your dog’s collar to play with your canine friend. It’s claimed to be the first of its kind; a robotic companion, and not the usual robot pet most people are working on.

The CamToy Laika isn’t exactly available on the market right now, but you can pre-order it on Indiegogo. To find out more information about the CamToy Laika, check out

Pokdepinion: I think humans who can’t dedicate some time for their canine friends shouldn’t really keep them as pets… But that could just be me.

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