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ECOVACS ROBOTICS’ Home Robots Set For Malaysia – Introducing The DEEBOT Series!

ECOVACS ROBOTICS’ Home Robots Set For Malaysia – Introducing The DEEBOT Series!

by Raja IdrisOctober 13, 2017
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ECOVACS ROBOTICS are introducing their DEEBOT R98, DEEBOT R95, and DEEBOT M88 to the Malaysian market. They are bots that can clean your house without hassle nor supervision.

DEEBOT Series Robots

Not only does the bots vacuum, they also can do mopping as well. With the DEEBOT R98, it comes with a cordless detachable hand-held vacuum. It is also is capable of emptying its dust bin automatically.


Especially for pet owners, now you have no worries for your floor having to be overwhelmed with pet hair. The DEEBOT R95 and M88 comes with an interchangeable suction feature to solve those issues without tangling, even on carpets.


Both the R98 and R95 features Smart Navi technology that showcases a propriety laser distance sensor (LDS) for efficient cleaning. This allows the robots to scan and create an accurate map of the home environment. This means the cleaning pathway is customized and adapts accordingly to one’s home.


You can utilize their ECOVACS smartphone app, where you can control your robots whether you are at home or out and about. You can also schedule the robots to clean. The app also allows you to set a virtual boundary so that the R98 and R95 stay away from bedrooms so as to avoid disturbing someone’s sleep.

All three of the bot models will launch on the 16 October 2017. Prices are different for each bots. The DEEBOT R98 retails at RM3799, the R95 meanwhile retails at RM2999 and last but not least the M88 is priced at RM1899.

If you want to find out more on the home cleaning robots, click here to visit their website.

Pokdepinion: I like the fact that you can set a boundary for the bots using the app, vacuums are sure loud. Disturbing people’s sleep is a big no no.

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