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Malaysian youths look forward to IoT’s impact on their life

Malaysian youths look forward to IoT’s impact on their life

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 17, 2017
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1400 youths in the Asia Pacific region were polled, including 100 from Malaysia. And according Microsoft’s survey findings, youths expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to have the biggest impact on their lives, followed by artificial intelligence (AI) and finally nanotechnology.

Malaysian youths look forward to IoT's impact on their life 24

The IoT is ranked top as Malaysian youths expect it to have the biggest impact on their lives. As we become more and more connected, everything from our home appliances to traffic lights are connected to the Internet, with ongoing communication between these devices to provide the best experience possible. According to the survey, these are the three scenarios that youth anticipate that the biggest improvement to their lives from IoT (ranked from top):

  1. Smart homes where main appliances can “talk” to each other (47%)
  2. Traffic systems that can adjust in real-time to mitigate road conditions (23%)
  3. Smart buildings that can optimize energy usage according to changes in weather and number of occupants (20%)

The second-ranked technology that youths are excited about is AI. AI involves everything from virtual assistants to translation services, AI has the potential to make everything “smart”. Leveraging on the potential of AI to execute tasks such as data analytics, speech recognition and problem solving, people can do less and yet achieve more. More powerful AI has near limitless potential as it will bring about services and machines that can react and respond like real humans.

Youths are also excited about nanotechnology, which involves the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules with dimensions of less than one thousand-millionth of a meter. With nanotechnology, the properties of materials can be enhanced, making them stronger or lighter than usual. Nanotechnology can also be applied in many fields, such as medicine, electronics, and energy production.

Malaysian youths look forward to IoT's impact on their life 25

However, youths are not blind towards the concerns that face us as we head towards a digital future. Only 20% of Malaysian youth feel their country is ready to adapt to digital disruptions. To address this, they feel a top priority is to ensure schools prepare students with the right skills to fully leverage future innovations (31%); creating conducive business environments to encourage start ups (31%); followed by making future technology innovations affordable and accessible (22%).

The survey also revealed some of the concerns held by youth around the increasingly digital world. Among their top three concerns are:

  1. Security and privacy (35%)
  2. Relationships becoming too impersonal (30%)
  3. Potential loss of jobs (18%)

Youths feel strongly that public-private partnerships (40%) should take the lead in driving future technology innovations, ahead of the public sector or government (28%), and technology start ups (23%).

Pokdepinion: As a youth myself, I I find nanotechnology and AI to be the most interesting. The possibilities are absolutely limitless and these technologies are going to benefit any industry.

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