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How To : Configure D-Link DSL-2750E

How To : Configure D-Link DSL-2750E

by Muhammad FirdausJuly 24, 2015
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As I promised back then on the D-Link DSL-2750E review, here’s a guide on how to set up this modem. Today I will guide you guys how to set up the modem as an end-user to ensure connection stability.

This configuration guide may be a little lacking for some but I believe this is good enough for most end-users. The main intention of this guide is to help them to achieve a great stable Internet experience.

Before we get started, make sure to power-on the modem and connect all the necessary cables. Make sure it’s connected to a PC with an Ethernet cable.

Setup Username and ID

First of all before we are able to use the Internet connection, we must setup the username and ID in the ADSL modem. Make sure you have all the configuration details from your ISP. If you have any problems, you might have to call customer service for assistance.

In this session what you need is the PPP username and password that you can retrieve from ISP customer service, VPI and VCI value according to the country. You can check which value is used in your country. As for Malaysia, it uses VPI 0 and VCI 35.

The VPI/VCI settings are different according to your ISPs in different countries, so make sure you get it right. On Protocol we are using PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and LLC encapsulation mode.

Click on SETUP tab choose on Internet Setup. What we need to change here is to choose correct VPI/VCI value, encapsulation mode, and most importantly your PPP username and password. Just leave the others at default settings. Please consult your ISP provider customer service regarding the PPP username and password. Click Apply to save the settings. If everything is correct, you should now have Internet access.




Wireless Setting

After we have Internet access, now we want to set up the wireless LAN or Wi-Fi. With this feature configure, any devices that has Wi-Fi capabilities can enjoy the Internet too. To do it click on ADVANCED tab and choose Advanced Wireless like the picture below.


My recommendation is the leave the top setting at default and what you need to change in this page is only the SSID . Pick your SSID as in my case I put it as FTE dlink and click Apply to save.



Now, you Wi-Fi connection is not secure which mean it’s open to public, everyone can join the network without authorization. To solve this, once again click on ADVANCED tab and choose Advanced Wireless. Then choose Security Setting to set up a new password for you Wi-Fi SSID.

I recommended to use WPA2 only Security Mode and TKA+AES encryption. This is commonly use nowadays because it have good security. Fill your pre-shared key with new password. To make sure that the password is secure please use both alphabet and numeric for the password, e.g.: Dlink2015hom3 . You can refer to the picture below.


DNS settings

After you have Internet access and secure Wi-Fi connectivity, now we’re going to change some settings to ensure better Internet experience.

Do you happen to face issues such as a site is blocked by your ISP? If your answer to that is yes, that may be caused by the default ISP’s DNS. I totally recommend you to change to an alternative DNS address. Most people often recommend Google public DNS. But let me give you a better recommendation. For myself I’m using Symantec DNS, but you also can use other DNS address like Komodo DNS or OpenDNS.


To make change on DNS address, easily go to DNS on Advanced Tab and put the DNS address in the bar. Note that this setting will be default on all PC and devices. Therefore you didn’t need to apply manually on your PC and devices.

Port Forwarding

This is an interesting subject for most p2p user (torrent). Did you facing throttling and slow torrent download speeds even though the file have huge quantity of seeders? This may be due to your IP address which was not port forwarded correctly. This is a common case for ADSL2 connection type. A good port will give you an advantage when downloading using p2p services.


To optimize your p2p download speed, the most basic thing you need is your IP address and port that you want to forward. You might ask what’s a good port to use, the safest is the 49160-65534 range to avoid the ISP from blocks or any possible application conflict. For this example I’m using 48762.

What you need to change on your modem as in the picture above is set the custom server, named it as what you like. Then put your computer IP address on the Server IP Address. Now put your value start and end, as is in the picture I put 48762 for both start and end port. Click apply to save and now you’ve configured port forwarding to your PC. Wait, you are not done yet. Make sure you are using the same value range on your P2P client.


Parental Control

This feature is quite important for some parents who care about their children’s online activity. Blocking any malicious and inappropriate site can be done from here. Click on ADVANCED and Parental Control and choose Block Website.


Clicks add to fill any desire website to block. For this example we are using as as subject. Click apply to save the setting. Now try to access the site and you will get an error like the picture below.





Congratulation, now you have succesfully configure D-Link DSL-2750E. Does this help you fix any of your Internet issue? I hope that I helped you fix some. For me these five features is good enough to achieve a good, stable and secure Internet connection. If you have any suggestion regarding this D-Link DSL-2750E ADSL modem, please leave a reply below.

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