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Razer announces gaming WiFi router — calls it the Razer Sila

Razer announces gaming WiFi router — calls it the Razer Sila

by Vyncent ChanOctober 3, 2018
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Gaming routers are nothing new now, but this is the first time Razer dipped their toes into networking. And interestingly, while most gaming routers feature an excess of antennae around the router’s chassis, the Razer Sila features none.

Of course, like any other WiFi router out there, it needs antennae to work. There are 9 high-gain antennae inside the sleek body of the Razer Sila. The router supports Tri-Band AC3000, for blazing fast WiFi speeds. If you would prefer to go with LAN, there are also three Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port, presumably for your printer and NAS.

But those aren’t the highlights of this router. The Razer Sila is a gaming router, so of course it has to be optimized for gaming. It comes with Razer FasTrack, a proprietary QoS engine which prioritizes traffic based on a variety of criteria. There is a one-touch gaming mode which reserves bandwidth for online gaming.

The patented Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS selects clear WiFi channels to avoid network traffic, promising a reliable and fast connection. With support for mesh networking as well, multiple Razer Silas can be used to create a seamless WiFi zone throughout your massive 6000 sq. feet home.

It is priced at $249.99 (~RM1034), and is available worldwide starting today. Would you picking one up?

Pokdepinion: I think it definitely looks better than the spiky gaming routers we see from other brands, but the spiky gaming routers do tout more experience than Razer in the networking scene. Would be really interesting to see how the Razer Sila performs.

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