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ASUS Master DIY Tour – Lan Party – Featured Rigs

ASUS Master DIY Tour – Lan Party – Featured Rigs

by AmilxtechMay 12, 2014
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Hey guys! , Are you aware of the upcoming ASUS event in this June from 13th to 15th? It’s the ASUS Master DIY Tour – Lan Party Event. We at Pokde.net are ready to game on that day! . The Event will be BYOC and the most interesting part about it is that its absolutely FREE! F&B will be provide for full 3 days too. Currently in Pokde.net we have 5 members and all of them will be going to the event including myself :-)

ASUS Master DIY Tour – Lan Party is going to free and easy theme , so whether you want just chill out with your friends or gaming together its up to you. Have you guys prepared anything? Have you buffed up your pc for the event?

For more information of registration and about the event please visit https://www.facebook.com/asusrogmalaysia

Here are some pictures of the Pokde.net monster rigs that you will see on the event day. See you guys at the event :-)

Our SuperDaddy is bringing along his own daily rig. We are spotting 2 units of GTX780 DirectCu-II binded together over SLi bridge.

ASUS Master DIY Tour - Lan Party - Featured Rigs 26

Behold my "Green Haunter" equipped with ASUS GTX TITAN


Our AMD Lover Fird(Kya), will buff up his rig with ASUS R9 290X DCU2


Sadly our member Hafiz Yusoff A.K.A Kucak does not have a desktop (yet), he will be bringing his beloved Gaming Laptop to the event. However, pokde.net has an unexpected surprise for him which will be unravelled on the event day. We love our brothers :-)


This is our best Rig for Pokde.net called "The Mean Machine". Absolute legendary rig that survive a 7-ft flood! , half submerged in flood water but yet still running fine and kick ass!


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