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MasterBox MB530P arrives in Malaysia — comes with addressable RGB fans and controller!

MasterBox MB530P arrives in Malaysia — comes with addressable RGB fans and controller!

by Vyncent ChanDecember 7, 2018
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The MasterBox MB530P is the latest addition to the MasterBox family, and it is definitely a flashy one! It employs an aggressive outlook with huge vents and 3 tempered glass panels to show off what’s on the inside. Yep, even the panel on the right side which is usually where you hide your cables is made of glass in the MasterBox MB530P.

Of course, Cooler Master added a pattern to the tempered glass on the right side panel, allowing you some space to hide the cables snaking out of your PSU. The rest of the tempered glass panels offer a clear view, with the front one in particular giving you full view of the three pre-installed 120mm addressable RGB (ARGB) fans.

The MasterBox MB530P isn’t just bundled with the ARGB fans, as Cooler Master has thrown in an ARGB power button as well as an ARGB controller built into the I/O panel. The ARGB controller is compatible with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock motherboards for synchronized lighting effects across the board.

Despite it’s compact dimensions, the MasterBox MB530P fitrs up to six 120mm fans and offers support for radiators on the top, front and back vents. You sacrifice nothing in terms of performance when you pick this case. There are SSD mounts behind the motherboards as well as in the PSU shroud, so you can equip your build with plenty of storage.

Cable management in this case is also simplified with the optimized cable routing space behind the motherboard tray, a PSU shroud and cable cover. Priced at RM469, the MasterBox MB530P looks set to be a great case for those who have a touch of showmanship in them.

Pokdepinion: This case does seem very interesting, considering that it is more affordable than the MasterCase series, while offering more flair in the way of ARGB lighting.

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