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The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 is a MasterCase H500 shot with a shrink-ray

The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 is a MasterCase H500 shot with a shrink-ray

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 12, 2019
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Cooler Master has officially launched the MasterCase H100 here in Malaysia. The compact case was introduced earlier this year, and definitely gained attention for its size and design. It shares the aggressive look of the Cooler Master H500, but distilled down into a mini-ITX form factor.

The first thing you will see with the MasterCase H100 is the Fine Mesh in front of the case. Behind it lies a massive 200mm RGB fan, which takes up most of the front fascia of the case. On the inside, you can fit a regular ATX power supply, up to 210mm long graphics cards and four SSDs. Basically giving you a tiny yet capable system.

The MasterCase H100 lets you enjoy the compact builds that ITX boards enable, while not having to purchase specific hardware like SFX power supplies.

Since it’s so compact, Cooler Master also includes a built-in handle on top of the case, making it easy for you to carry the MasterCase H100 and go to the next LAN party. Or you know, just to let your mom sweep under your case?

You can get the MasterCase H100 for just RM249.

Pokdepinion: Not a bad case, but the CPU cooler support is a bit limited…

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