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Asetek won against Cooler Master – Receive 25.37% royalties

Asetek won against Cooler Master – Receive 25.37% royalties

by Muhammad FirdausSeptember 25, 2015
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It’s look like not only Apple that likes to screw over competitors with patent lawsuits. Asetek has just won a judgement following a prior case against Cooler Master and will receive 25.37% royalty for sold goods since the beginning of this year.

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Last year Asetek won a lawsuit against Cooler Master’s parent company, CMI and in that trial Asetek was awarded 14% royalty on all Cooler Master liquid coolers sales in United States.


Futhermore, this might not only impact Cooler Master alone, but AMD might also face trouble with this ruling since their latest product, the AMD Radeon Fury X, packs a liquid cooling solution from Cooler Master. This could mean AMD may have to stop selling the liquid cooled Radeon Fury X in the US.


Apparently it’s not only Cooler Master and AMD, but there are several other companies affected by the lawsuit including CoolIT, Swiftech and Alpaltek.


Pokdepinion : So what’s next, will Asetek continue laying on the hurt on other companies that are using their patented technology? If so what will happen to AIO liquid cooling solutions in the future? If Asetek has a monopoly on AIO liquid coolers with the coldplate-mounted pumps, then prices will go up and in the end consumers will be the ones who stands to lose.

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