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[Computex 2018] ASUS joins CPU Liquid Coolers – Introducing Ryujin 240/360 and Ryuo 240/120

[Computex 2018] ASUS joins CPU Liquid Coolers – Introducing Ryujin 240/360 and Ryuo 240/120

by Super DaddyJune 5, 2018
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I guess ASUS wasn’t comfortable just sitting behind the back of all the flair being a motherboard in a beautifully custom modded PC, so they decided to take matters into their hands and take the front line instead. This is ASUS’ first take into the CPU AIO Liquid Cooling hardware, if you don’t factor in the OEMs that they have used in the likes of the GT51.

ROG Ryujin 360/240

ROG Ryujin is the first ROG AIO cooler but what makes it even more special is that it is the world’s first cooler with an OLED display. A small 1.77-inch LiveDash color OLED is capable of showing real-time system stats and personalized images and GIFs, so now your cooler are not just stuck with plain RGB only, anymore.

On top of that, an embedded micro fan provides additional cooling to the VRM and M.2 SSDs located near the CPU socket to reduce temperatures by up to 20°C. This is aided by Noctua’s industrial PPC radiator fans that improve airflow with lower noise levels. A perfect match for ROG motherboards, ROG Ryujin helps users create a system with unified aesthetics. Of course, ROG isn’t complete without embedded Aura RGB that adds extra flair to the whole build. In addition, ROG Ryujin has reinforced sleeved tubing for increased durability.

ROG Ryuo 240/120

If you prefer something more petite and Mini ITX builds are you flavour, then the ROG Ryuo will be a better choice without losing any flair.

Designed for compact and mid-size gaming builds, the ROG Ryuo series is available in 120mm and 240mm radiators. It features ROG designed radiator fans for optimized air flow and static pressure. It also comes with 1.77 inch LiveDash Color OLED display to show real-time system stats, and Aura Sync RGB support for ultimate customization.

Pokdepinion: Shocked? Nah! Surprised? Exactly! I really wasn’t expecting this but considering ASUS’ experience in the motherboard scene, they know what their users need anyway.

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