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Cooler Master prepping their next thermal paste — that applicator looks really cool!

Cooler Master prepping their next thermal paste — that applicator looks really cool!

by Vyncent ChanJune 26, 2018
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Cooler Master has a whole lineup of MasterGel thermal pastes, but their popularity is overshadowed by the Thermal Grizzly’s Kryonaut which definitely opened our eyes as to how much TIM can affect cooling performance. With that said, Cooler Master isn’t going to sit idly around as they are preparing their next thermal compound to compete with the best thermal pastes out there.

The new thermal paste is specified to deliver a 11W/m.K of thermal conductivity, which is still below Thermal Grizzly’s 11.8W/m.K thermal conductivity. Interestingly, the older MasterGel Maker also sports a 11W/m.K thermal conductivity, so how exactly does Cooler Master improve upon the older thermal paste is still unknown.

One thing that is known is that the syringe looks amazing to spread thermal paste over the entire IHS with the broad nozzle. While the pea-drop method is tried and tested, perhaps we will now see better performance with this new applicator? Some people do spread the thermal paste all over the IHS before mounting the cooler, but it is definitely a hassle with current thermal pastes.

The naming of the new thermal compound is just that, new thermal compound. Cooler Master probably hasn’t decided on what to name it, since the Maker series is the top-of-the-line for all of Cooler Master’s product lines.

Source: Anandtech

Pokdepinion: Competition is always good!

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