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Malaysian Entries for Cooler Master World Series 2017

Malaysian Entries for Cooler Master World Series 2017

by Super DaddyMay 18, 2017
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Three months ago, we published about the announcement of Cooler Master World Series 2017. Fast forward to today, there have been well over 100 new mods revealed and voting for the Best Case Mod has begun! Head over to the voting page to vote for your favourite mod by clicking here. PC craftsmen from all over the world have given their best in hopes of taking a piece of the $45,000 in cash and prizes.

Out of hundreds of the mods that have been showcased, we at would like to share our local Malaysian Scratch Builds which we believe are definitely worth recognition and respects!

Guardian Dragon by Khairul ‘Buckroger’ Sebastian

Khairul Sabastian (aka Buckroger) has been involved in case modding since 2009. His passion for modding started off from an old casing that he had lying around and wanted make it unique and practical. One thing led to another and desktop modding became his hobby. Today, Khairul is only able to mod in his free time due to time restriction, which we give our hats off for still being able to make it into the Cooler Master World Series 2017 successfully.

This is his second enrolment in CM Case Mod World Series, the first one being in 2015 called project ‘Riki’.

For me case modder is similar (to) blacksmith who made legendary weapons in ancient time. In the past we see that all legendary weapons were well crafted with the finest art. Today, we do the same thing, but today our weapon is the computer. Khairul 'Buckroger' Sebastian

Vote for his build here.

The Battleship by Ahmad ‘HammanChronicle’ Syafiq Hamman

Syafiq Hamman (aka HammanChronicle) has been influenced by Malaysian legends Mod’n’Go Design and have been following them since 2013. Inspired, this year he decided to start his own case mod and entering the Cooler Master World Series 2017.

Syafiq indicated that design is his passion and PC is his hobby. He got involved with case mod world after seeing many good looking mods out there. His choice, like Khairul ‘Buckroger’ Sebastian’s, is Scratch Category and he claims that while most people say that it’s a tougher category, he thinks that it gives him design freedom and he can do anything with it.

About my project , i called it “The Battleship” an alien warship , it was inspired from movie called “Battleship” in 2012 , There is reason why I choose this movie. I like the way they create strategy to fight the alien battleship and its one of the best strategy movie i ever see. Syafiq 'HammanChronicle' Hamman

Vote for his build here.

Pokdepinion: Hats off, applauses and Good Luck to both modders for making it into Cooler Master World Series 2017. Case modding is seriously not a joke, let alone to build it in a fraction of time for a competition. Our support is all in for both of you and we hope you will continue mesmerising the local modding scene with more awesome setup in the future.

Please dont forget to cast your vote!

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